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Communism And Barack Obama Is An Easy Read

We at Irregular Times are not at all opposed to criticism of President Barack Obama. We not only support criticism of Obama, we engage in it ourselves. We believe that the more power people exercise, the more scrutiny they deserve.

However we also believe that people ought to be discriminating in the criticism they pursue. We support intelligent, principled criticism of Barack Obama, just as we did with George W. Bush. On the other hand, as was our practice with Bush, we oppose ignorant criticism of Obama that is motivated by personal political opposition rather than high ideals.

Many of President Obama’s opponents on the Right have become fond of characterizing him as a Communist. In a literal sense, it’s quite clear that Obama is no Communist. There has never been any evidence that Obama ever was enrolled in any version of the Communist Party. Obama never has even registered as a Socialist of any kind. He’s a Democrat.

Of course, Obama’s right wing critics usually don’t mean to imply that Obama is literally a member of the Communist Party, although they would probably love to find such information. What they accuse Obama of is being a Communist in deed, if not a Communist in name. They say that Obama’s policies would bring about a Communist state, if they were not opposed by the Republican Party.

obama stalin communist comradesWhat are these supposed Communist policies, though? An economic stimulus package in the middle of a big recession? Opposition to a permanent repeal of all taxes on inheritance from millionaires and billionaires? Health care reform?

There are many people now involved in politics who did not come of age during the Cold War. For them especially, it is important to put statements about Barack Obama’s purported Communism into historical context.

I suggest to people who are tempted by these arguments that they read the book Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore. It’s a well-written account of the life of Stalin before the Bolshevik Revolution that created the Soviet Union. Read this book, and then read Obama’s early autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Compare the two.

Criticize Barack Obama’s policies, if you feel called to do so, but understand the terms that you use when you do. Obama is no Josef Stalin, and he’s no Communist.

7 thoughts on “Communism And Barack Obama Is An Easy Read”

  1. NorthernLights says:

    What? Obama is not a Communist like thinker? This is a total replay of Nazi Germany, like by line.

    1. Economic Collaspe
    2. Money to prop it up, only it is stolen by the Government.
    3. Take over of the Banks.
    4. Take over over of the Auto industry.
    5. Health care
    6. Gun Confiscation
    7. Anti Government trouble makers rounded up and executed.

    Take off your blind folders please. history repeats itself.

  2. LB says:

    Sigh. Nazi Germany was the ideological antithesis to Communism. Many of those non-Jewish victims exterminated by the Nazis were guilty of the crime of being Progressive or Communist. Communists, Gypsies, Jews, and Homosexuals were the “enemies” against which the right-extremist Nazis rallied. The National Socialist Party (aka the Nazi’s) was “Socialist” in name only. (Just like German Democratic Republic was no democracy) Nazi Germany was a Fascist dictatorship. Communist is LEFT, Fascist is RIGHT. Both systems have often been commandeered by strong man regimes.

    NorthernLights, you also have some of your “lines” on the wrong page.

    However, you do make valid point that we are in a “perfect storm” situation, ripe for the creation of a totalitarian government. With the combination of (still standing) laws restricting individual freedom (thanks Bush!) and expansion of the government (praise Obama!), America is very vulnerable to the implementation of such a government.

    America seems to be easily taken in by charismatic leaders and is eager to look the government for solutions in times of crisis. If the average idiot still perceives us to be in economic meltdown by the time of the next election, a backlash movement could very well put an extremely right-wing leader into power. Hitler was elected, and we all know America just has such a great track record when it comes to voter fraud… Just as easily, the H1N1 “epidemic” might be used to further expand (or simply put into practice the laws already on the books) the presence of the government; the FEMA camps might hold quarantined victims of the H1N1 pandemic, or just as easily, American political prisoners.

    The point is: the Weimar Republik, the democratic government that proceeded the Nazi regime in Germany, was the most liberal, progressive government in Europe at the time, and look how sharply the tide turned. The signs are all around us, and it scares the sh*t out of me. Don’t let partisan politics obscure the issue for you. When both sides are bought and paid for, it is clear that unaccountable elected officials are shaping the U.S. government into something quite apart from what the constitution called for. Where is this mystic representative democracy they taught us about in school?

    1. qs says:

      Well…both Communism and Fascism are big government control. If you look at how they ran their economies it was strikingly similar. Both had government controlling all businesses. I think there was very little different in how the two systems were run for practical purposes.

  3. JNN says:

    Don’t let partisan politics obscure the issues for you. When both sides are bought and paid for, it is clear that unaccountable elected officials are shaping the U.S. government into something quite apart from what the constitution called for. THIS SENTENCE (BY LB) DESERVES TO BE REPEATED. Watch The Money Masters at (kickthemallout. com) under FREE VIDEO LIBRARY.

  4. Namer Name says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong: “Communism is Left, Fascism is Right.”

    Facsism is BEHAVIOR. Communist behave as fascists. And among Communists can be found many fascists (Hugo Chavez, Che Guevera, Castro, etc. in current times, for starters).

    Among Communism can be found many permutations of Socialism: Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, German Socialists (later, “Nazis”), Latin “revolutionaries” even those in big hair and pretty outfits taking over free enterprise and nationalizing them to ruin…

    All of whom function as Fascists eventually if not immediately (Castro, again, for example). Fascism is not at all “Right” nor indicative of anything Conservative.

    That’s yet another runofthemill lie by the Left to try to again undermine and denigrate — falsely, it’s gossip, it’s intended to wound and defame — Conservatives if not anyone who is not sold on Socialist progressions.

    The German Socialists were NOT Conservative, they were NOT “rightwing,” they were Socialists who hated other versions of Communism (Russians, Jews, etc.).

    AND, many of the German Socialists WERE homosexuals, and many of us in contemporary society have already witnessed the Fascist behaviors by many on the Left as they promote and insist homosexuality and government controls related to that on the lives of individuals, to mention yet another example of Fascsism.

    Too many Leftists with love affairs academically with some romantic notion of “progresssivism” (which is another rendition of Communism with a pretty name) are involved in our public education and have indoctrinated, lied, to students for several generations now that somehow it’s Conservatives, the Right, that is to blame for the world’s ills. This is absolutely wrong, completely false and needs to be consistently confronted as such.

    The German Socialists were just Communists. Their Fascism was extreme and extremely Leftwing, has nothing to do with Conservatives, democracy, a Republic or Capitalism. Beware the consistently lying Communists who claim otherwise.

  5. Colin says:

    Having grown up during the Cold War and the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and having lived in Berlin years before The Wall came down, I would say that neither party is overtly displaying aspects of that government. For example: No one is forcing you to choose a party. Under the Soviets, the only people entitled to anything resembling a vote were other communists. There was no real room for political opinion, and such a display of choice would only be for which communist president was a better communist. Our political and economic situation, makes this nation ripe for such people to take power, but they haven’t yet. The biggest problem in The USA right now, is the lack of voters. It seems like everywhere I go I hear people complaining about how the government never listens to the people any more. Almost no-one is actually voting above their immediate local levels. When only extremists are voting, only extremists are going to get elected. The respective parties are putting up candidates that are reflecting the views of the few that are still talking. If you don’t like them, do something about it, and use the precious gift our country gave you. A voice.

    1. Truman says:

      Colin, I couldn’t agree with you more.

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