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Interest in Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy? All About the Nigger Jokes. Convincing?

A couple of days ago, we wrote an article assessing claims that Barack Obama registered at Occidental College as a foreigner under the name Barry Soetoro. The single largest source of internet traffic to that article?

A website devoted to “nigger” jokes.

Oh, yeah, this “investigation” is all about the cause of freeeedom! And I’m the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Update: As you can see, the racists are flooding this page with their glee. It’s just another indication that the Barack Obama birth certificate issue is driven by people who can’t stand to see a black man in the White House.

140 thoughts on “Interest in Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy? All About the Nigger Jokes. Convincing?”

  1. Rufus says:

    Glad to meet you, Mr. Dough Boy! Love your cinnamon rolls, by the way!

    I can’t understand all the fuss regarding that “niggermania” site. Why, I surfed over there the other day, and thought it one of the funniest I’d ever visited. Lots of nice folks, from diverse races and backgrounds. I’m thinkin’ about joining up there. Maybe you should, too.

  2. The_Faster_Gun says:

    Thanks for the plug about our site, buddy
    As Rufus said- niggermania is a very diverse site. We have all nationalities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs…. Just no niggers. If you don’t believe it, c’mon over and browse the threads- Everything we talk about in posts are all backed by government proven facts, established MSM, an of coarse- the ever present personal coontacts with niggers.
    Be looking for you to come.

    1. Dr. FACTor says:

      Did you know that 46% of inner city Negro males between the ages of 16 and 62 are wilfully unemployed, or that more than 70% of Negro children are born out of wedlock, and that more than 45% of all Negro males in U.S. cities are drug or alcohol abusers? Why is it considered racist to point out these figures? Figures, I might add, that can easily be verified by the same U.S. government that Barrack Obama is presumed to head?

  3. Homeboy on de down low says:

    Yo waddup my niggas and bitches! That niggermania site, dat be rayciss and sheeit. We’s need to shut dat site down, nomesayin’ homie. Prezident Obama he be cool cause he supports us black folk and sheeit. He don need no birth certticaate to prove he the king of the earth

  4. Lahporka says:

    I’m a very very very large negro woman and I is lookin for someone to help me wipe. No fair peakin.

  5. Knicker says:

    How do you starve a nigger to death?

    Hide there welfare money under their work boots.

  6. shay nay nay says:

    So whats wrong with that website?

  7. rackemupwilly says:

    I challenge you to disprove anything at niggermania. As usual you have a one sided view of things. Come on by the forum. We gots some waddemelon fo yous all. Maybe even a 40 iffin youz be nice.

  8. Homeboy on de down low says:

    You’s stupid rayciss crackers ain’t never been to the hood. Rayciss kkk shits bring that shit to de hood and see what a brutha be doin to you!

  9. Lahporka says:

    Wampus saw a negro kid suckin a cow’s ass and it made him sick…..didn’t bother the kid though.

  10. shemika says:

    I be a black woman, and I finds this niggermania,net to be offenisive to us APEfrican-americcans……
    I be black, but i don’t be all ghetto acting, I knows who all the daddies are to my 9 childrens.
    I think the members of niggermania,net needs to find Jebus and leaves us black folk’s alone. we just like everybody else
    we is human beeings.

  11. Homeboy on de down low says:

    Amen Shemika. Peace be wit you my beautiful african queen. What deez crackers don seem to know is dat we used to be eqysptians and dat back den we be flying and movivng blocks with our minds, then de white debils taken dem powers away. So das why we seem to be down on our luck dese days.

  12. massaowens says:

    If it wasn’t for and the first amendment, I would never have known that niggers are walking std factories. 48% have genital herpes…ooch. Once you go black we don’t want you back.

    1. Horatio says:

      Wow, “Niggermania” commenters are proving what a wealth of American idiocy they’ve got over there. It does NOT appear to be a source of principled critical examination of Obama, just a hangout for uneducated racists.

      1. Jim says:

        Yep. They can keep going on with their racist jokes until the cows come home. They’re too stupid to recognize that it only makes them, and the Obama-is-a-foreigner conspiracy movement, look worse.

  13. Du'Wayne Bobsta says:

    Those niggermaniacs think my man Obama is on the down low. I hope so, but I’ll have to get him away from his tranny wife and her strap-on.

  14. Koepee says:

    This animus against white people runs deep, and against experience in Barack’s case, as in others where children of mixed black and white parentage are concerned. Again, one boggles at the “typical” black thought process (I feel very comfortable saying that, now that Obama has made racial stereotyping an accepted thing again), or the mixed race thought process. Though the black father contributes sperm, then vacates the scene, and though the white mother raises and cares for him, and though his white grandparents support and nourish him, he disrespects them because of their whiteness. (Another example that comes to mind is the actress Halle Berry. Abandoned by her black father, raised and nurtured by her white mother, given a leg up in Hollywood by a white director, and supported by white fans, she has still – against all reason and experience – found reason to express public bitterness at white America and dissatisfaction with her life in America.)

    An incredible number of Blacks in America seem to buy into stereotypes of whites: whites are either rich republicans, or redneck bigots. This is to a degree understandable since the media, who ostensibly decry the use of racial/cultural stereotypes, makes every effort to support the use of negative images of the white conservative community. Conversely, while the image of a lazy big-lipped black man sitting cross-legged eating a watermelon is recognized to be simply a negative stereotype, the image of the republican as a corpulent cigar-smoking greedy banker is more of a republican logo than the elephant. These days the typical republican is more likely to run the transmission shop down the street than to be a fat banker. American blacks have simply embraced the racism and bigotry they formerly decried as unjust and un American. Racial bigotry is alive and well in America; it just has a darker face these days. A smiling face.

    Culture Of Dysfunction

    In the lower class of black America, i.e., the ghetto, it seems that most unwed state-supported egg-donors are more concerned with making sure their kids are named with an incomprehensive jumble of pseudo-African syllables than with seeing that they learn that car-jacking and drive-by shootings are bad. Not only will voting for Obama – the man who thinks common civility is a “trick” he can play on white people – will be another way to get whitey, but there is every expectation that if a brother is president even more manna will fall from heaven. Free food, free housing, and free medical care, are simply not enough. Poverty? Few seem to realize that, taken as a unit, black America is one of the richest nations on the earth. The poor of the Third World do not have cell phones and color TVs.

    I’m going to be blunt here, so please have the children and the liberals leave the room. The oft unstated opinion of many non-black Americans is that on the whole black Americans are a bunch of ungrateful whiners who will never be satisfied. It is not in their emotional fabric to be content. They are a contumacious lot. We have oceans of public housing teeming with welfare women (it doesn’t seem right to let ‘mothers’ roll off the tongue when speaking of them) whose purpose in life is to breed like cockroaches and soak up the largesse of the American public. This is not white America’s fault. This is not Oriental America’s fault. Nor Hispanic America’s fault. Nor anybody else’s.

    In the main, black leadership in America has failed to accept responsibility for the descent of black American culture into the abyss of meaninglessness (Cocaine, basketball, and hip hop). Instead of extolling the virtues of education and a good work ethic, they instead scream for more government benefits and reparations. Reparations for slavery? The Great Society, the welfare state, food stamps, medicare, affirmative action, and the financial support of a thriving underclass of women in ghettos who mainly breed more uneducated criminals and more welfare women have been a pretty good dip in that bucket. Add to that the cost to the United States to pursue, capture, try in court and then contain the more vicious of these thriving state-supported thugs in our overburdened prison system. Vapid attempts to rationalize the behavior of this uneducated, violent, drug-addled and fashion challenged culture of irresponsible and prolific breeders are no longer working as even the most die-hard liberal must secretly admit in their hearts that the welfare/criminal culture is threatening to drag America to the bottom of the ocean. Vapid rationalizations no longer suffice to explain away such behavior, and a scant number of black Americans are willing to step forward and say this culture of dysfunction is the result of an absence of character.

    The Reverend Wrights of the world confabulate grand conspiracies by a country that near tore itself apart eradicating slavery (which, btw, was empowered by both tribal Africans and Islamic slave traders) and which has spent untold billions on food, housing and education for the progeny of the slaves in America. Yet the more America gives, the more the Wright’s of the world seem to hate them for the actions of some of their ancestors.

    In Summation

    Just How should a white person react to a black person when the issue of race comes up? With Obama, very carefully. Though outwardly Barack smiles and keeps an even tone with white people, bitter anger and violence are often seething just below the surface. And for what reason? Some egregious expression of white bigotry or an actual action of racial discrimination? Hardly. Ann Coulter, in her article “Obama’s Dime store Mein Kamph,” recounts a story from Barack’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father” wherein the democrat presidential candidate gives a candid account of his reaction to what to most of us would be a minor incident? (Actually, incident is too strong. it doesn’t rise to an incident, save in Barack’s mind.) Obama invites a couple of white friends to an all-black party. The two white friends, obviously not racial bigots since they accept the invitation, go to the party, make chit chat, and dance with a couple of girls. Nice guys, right? On the drive home, one of the white guys innocently says that now he knows what it would feel like to be a black guy at an all-white party. In reaction to this innocuous statement, Barack writes “A part of me wanted to punch him right there.”

    Is this a guy you want to have an honest dialogue about race relations with? But of course Obama is a master at hiding his true feelings to white people, as he brags in the quote at the top of the page. The question is, Which is the real Obama? The man who bristles at encounters with white people, who seethes with anger that isn’t overtly expressed, whose biography is little more that an endless series of imputations of racist incidents, (ibid, Coulter) the man who sat in Reverend Wright’s congregation for twenty years shouting “Amen, brother!” – or the smiling mask with the calm voice reassuring you that he is the balm for all racial ills? The man whose public persona – due to the necessity of needing white votes in the general election – oozes bland platitudes about “change” and “racial healing?”

    After reading “Dreams From My Father, the always honest Coulter characterizes Obama as a “flabbergasting lunatic.” I think she was being generous. If Barack Obama wins the presidential election, he should also get an Oscar. And whites in America should do well do study what happened to white property owners in the African country formerly known as Rhodesia.

  15. Really impressed by Jim! says:

    It seems that Jim is trying to equate those who merely question Obama with juvenile bigots. It ought to work: after all, who can refute a sneer? But then a sneer is not an argument, or a refutation.

    1. Jim says:

      Not at all. I question Obama myself, after all, so it’s not just a matter of “merely” questioning Obama. I’m not sneering. I’m just pointing it out. If it makes you uncomfortable for me to point out, then pay attention to that feeling you have and ask yourself why it’s there.

  16. it'sadirtygame says:

    Nigrmnaia is is rsict sight. yo know wuh meen. Is is it racict. yOu no wot ah meen. Racistss be rsictt. yoo kno wut i meena? rasicm is RWONG!!

    Down with whitey.

  17. Metalcoon says:

    yall rayciss ppl needz to be edincated bout da blacks cuz we aint did nuffins wrong. da only things white folks is gud fo is givin all dey money to da welfurr n sheeit. ook eeek bix noob scree!!!

  18. Lahporka says:

    Metalguyn be liken’it when ole Lahporka gits naked and river dances for him…..he be pullin’ his pud and everything…..we almost got kicked out of Six Flags.

  19. rackacoon says:

    It seems by your first post you were stating that anyone who questioned the legality of Obama’s birth certificate and tried to research any info was a racist. Did it ever occur to you that people want the TRUTH. My senator from Ga. sent a reply to my e-mail asking about this info. It stated that issue has been satisfied. It has not. Not to voters. Nor will it be until proof is offered to the public. PROOF, not speculation, not because someone said it is so, but PROOF. This could easily be settled and put to rest. Unless there is something to hide….

  20. Jacob says:

    ummm… wow… Dont the site adminstrators have a delete button for this garbage? This isnt conversation, this is just worthless…

    1. J. Clifford says:

      We could delete it all, and I admit that it’s approaching the edge, but it’s really only doing that… approaching. It’s not cut and paste spam. It’s not trying to redirect people to a target scam site. It’s just really poorly done, transparent, garbage. I think they’re making a kind of statement that reveals how very extreme the people pushing the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theories are.

      So, yes, we could delete, and I admit that a part of me is tempted, but I prefer to err on the side of letting people expose their idiocy.

      1. jacob says:

        Ive got 5 bucks that says its the same person… One person with one IP address posting over and over… Wish I had that kind of time

        1. Jim says:

          Actually, about eight of them, but yes, that’s what’s going on.

  21. Really impressed by Jim! says:

    That’s not even a good try, Jim. You aren’t “just pointing out” the source of web traffic, you’re citing it as proof that only racists can oppose Hussein. Your own words: “[J]ust another indication that the Barack Obama birth certificate issue is driven by people who can’t stand to see a black man in the White House.” Don’t try to squirm out of this because you can’t.

    1. Jim says:

      If you can’t see the difference between those two statements, then you aren’t thinking carefully enough. Think.

      1. Really impressed by Jim! says:

        “Think”? Come now. You’re a smart guy, probably college-educated. Can’t you see that you’re throwing mud as hard as these people you despise? “Racist, extremist, conspiracy, hateful, extreme, all of them.” Aren’t these the worst insults you know? And you tell me I need to think until I agree with you. That’s pretty condescending. The scary truth is, some of the people who disagree with you are not imbeciles; they’re at least as smart as you are. It’s always a mistake to divide the world into those who agree with you and those too stupid to agree with you.

        1. Jim says:

          Racist: an attitude that ascribes biological meaning to social racial categories. Hell-o. That’s what these people are; read the comments That’s not “throwing mud;” it’s an accurate descriptive term. Conspiracy? Yes, these people believe in a conspiracy, the secret hiding of the “real” birth certificate. Read the comments on this and other threads and you’ll find these people saying that the Republican administration of Hawaii and are in on the conspiracy. “Conspiracy” is not “throwing mud; it’s an accurate descriptive term. I haven’t used the words “extreme” or “hateful,” so I don’t know what you’re talking about there.

          What you’re really asking me to do is to

          1) Not have standards
          2) Not describe what I see in front of me

          Well, fuck that.

          1. Really impressed by Jim! says:

            There are as many definitions of “racism” as there are debaters. Yours mentions “social racial categories,” which leads me to wonder if you seriously believe that race is “a social construct.” Race is a biological fact based on the observation that people are different. Bantus are not Inuit, Ainu aren’t Han, Basques are not Berbers. Race is not a word game invented by Europeans, or whatever the leftists are preaching these days.

            By all means, have standards, and describe what you see. (Did you really think I said you shouldn’t?) But be sure that you see what really is in front of you, and not just what you think you see, or what you have been trained to see. That “racist” in your sights may be a better informed and clearer thinker than you.

            So many “educated” young people are not educated at all, but rather conditioned. Their teachers neglected critical analysis, and hammered home a list of forbidden and approved ideas that must either be parroted or condemned.

            “Racist” and “conspiracy theorist” are some of the most popular insults hurled by today’s earnest young lemmings in the universities. You seem to be in danger of having an ideally PC, but completely closed, mind. (Closed is the left’s ideal. Useful idiots and all that.)

            Until you get over some of the cons that the left has foisted on you, you have no hope of thinking clearly about many important matters.

          2. Jose says:

            Hahaha, I see Jim is one of those who buys into the whole social construct of race preached by Conard Kottak and his ilk back from the 80’s. Jim, there is a thread in the niggermania forum that de-constructs that notion based on false premises in Kottak’s text books.

            Sad Jim, try harder next time.

  22. Du'Wayne Bobsta says:

    Ah came here lookin’ fo sum x-lax. Ah beez irregular, nome sane?

  23. shemika says:

    i be tried of yall cracker ass motherfuckes being all raysist and saying all of us black peoples are ghetto low lives….. sure i bee on welfare, i haves 9 kids with 9 different mens, sure i wear a weave, sure be on foodstamps and yes i have 4 std’s, yes i never knew who my daddy be, BUT I IS NOT ghetto!

  24. Up yours faggot says:

    What an asshole. So people make jokes about niggers, how the hell else are we supposed to deal with these bastards other than laugh about it. First Amendment asshole. I can say whatever the fuck I want niggerlover. Now piss off.

    1. Jacob says:

      First amendment is thrown around alot but it doesnt always work… A. if you are using language that is inappropriate and interfers with others lives, it doesnt apply. You cant stand in the middle of the sidewalk and cuss at everyone who walks by. That right doesnt exist for that. Second, Irregular times is a private website which can filter all speach coming out of it or found on its pages. You have no rights on other people property. First amendment is a bad argument for this type of behavior…

      1. J. Clifford says:

        Jacob, the First Amendment is a bad argument for protections of these statements, but it’s not what’s motivating me, or the others at Irregular Times, I suspect.

        In spite of what U.Y.F. thinks, she does not have the right to say whatever she likes at Irregular Times through the comments form. I have the right to delete what she says, and even to edit it to change what she says, if I like. This site is the property of Irregular Times, and the power to write comments on it is a privilege, not a right.

        However, I’m not allowing her hateful speech because I have to, because the First Amendment requires it. I’m allowing these outrageous comments to stay here because they illustrate the ugly extremism of the people who push Obama conspiracy theories. They’re undermining their own agenda with the crude stupidity of what they say.

        You’re wrong, Jacob, when you say that the First Amendment doesn’t apply when people use language that some people deem “inappropriate” or an interference. The First Amendment protects speech in spite of whether others approve or whether it is inconvenient to others. The only reason you have regulation of speech on broadcast television and radio is that those media have the privilege, not the right, of using publicly owned frequencies of transmission.

        1. Jacob says:

          I agree. You can use whatever language you want. But, if you stand on the public sidewalk in front of my house walking back and forth cussing in front of my kids I have the right to call the police and they will move you. You cant just walk around saying whatever you want. All rights have limits…

  25. Lahporka says:

    Metalguyn be a liken’ it when ole Lahporka gits naked and river dances for him….he be pullin’ his pud and everythig….we almost got kicked outta Six Flags.

    1. shay nay nay says:

      LOL lahporka, glad it was only almost.

  26. Johanna Laqueesha says:

    Niggermania is racist, call NAACP and defend our rights to reparashiuns! Kill all mufugga whitey! Oook eeek eeek bix nood!

  27. Lakwondarius Johnson says:

    Sumbody need to shut down dat muhfuckin rayciss peckawood site. Oh yeah, Mista Obama, if yous reed dis here, my mowgage iz due on da 15, an Iz still aints got muh check.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      You know, you’re really not fooling anybody. You’re just pointing out what racist, ignorant, idiotic extremists are behind these anti-Obama conspiracy theories.

      1. Trezaland says:

        My president is black, my Lambo’s blue
        And I’ll be goddamned if my rims ain’t too
        My momma ain’t at home, and daddy’s still in jail
        Tryna make a plate, anybody seen the scale?
        My president is black, my Lambo’s blue
        And I’ll be goddamned if my rims ain’t too
        My money’s light green and my Jordans light grey
        And they love to see white, now how much you tryna pay?
        Let’s go!

  28. Daneesha. says:

    boy dat’ nigga hit that shit, then da muhfucka got TOO HIGH and i was like “its MOB money over bitches nigga”, and then the muhfucka gettin on my nerves talkin shit like “YAHH BITCH YAHH!!” and i was like i cant pick up yo heavy-set ass, cuh boy i got dem STACKS ON DECK!!”

  29. renika says:

    Az soons az I cumz down from dis jenkim I will join you.

  30. Y. T. LeBlanc says:

    From what I’ve read so far, it would appear that a site like niggermania is just what this nation (and the world) needs right now.

    For over 40 years, people have had their heads in the sand about the true nature of the vile beast we call “the Nigger.”

    They are the plague of the planet. They literally ruin everything they come in contact with. They have NEVER run a succussful town, city, country or continent by their own devices. If it wasn’t for the white man, all niggers would still be living in mud huts, washing in cow piss straight out of the cow, killing each other with spears and starving to death.

    Oh, how I long for “the good ole days!”

    Look at the crime statistics. Niggers are responsible for over 55% of the violent crime; 85% of all rapes, 95% of rapes perped against whites (both men and women!) 48% of them have herpes, they carry AIDS at a ratio of 24-1 vs. whites, their average I.Q, is 85 (with 75 being considered to be retarded) 70% of nigger chiilerns are born into fatherless environments (70 fucking percent!!) and they suck up over 46% of the welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies and WIC.

    All this while only constituting 13% of the American population!!!

    Now tell me where I’m wrong! (hint: YOU CAN’T)

    Niggers are parasites. Violent, ignorant parasites. They contribute nothing but lies, disease and distortions while whining at every turn that “you be rayciss ‘n sheeit.”

    No, niggers, we aren’t racists. We’re realists. We’re pragmatists. We’re…. well, I can see I’m using words that no nigger would understand so I’ll quit before KFC opens up this afternoon to serve the lazy niggers their breakfasts.

    As for me, I’m going to check out right now. I’m sure there are a lot more college educated people who own their own businesses like me over there.

    In closing, fuck you, niggers! You like Africa so much, go the fuck back! Nobody of any race likes you. Nobody! (Hell, niggers can’t even stand niggers!)

    Peace out, my niggas!

    1. Jim says:

      Keep it coming. Keep showing America where the conspiracy theorists about Obama’s birth are really coming from.

      1. N.H.M. says:

        Jim, you’re wrong,there are many people that want Obama’s birth certificate that aren’t racists.If he didn’t have something to hide, he would have produced the original when he was first asked about it.

      2. Jose says:

        Maybe we can debate about how all Obama supporters are black supremacists and “reverse” racists based on that site Jim.

  31. jennneeka kreeka says:

    I remember shopping in a supermarket and running into a typical overweight black woman with a huge ass and spandex pants hovering over the meat section. She had two kids with her; one was around 10 and the other an infant, dressed in some dirty t-shirts and jeans. She was ringing the bell furiously to get the butcher. When he came out, she said, “Ah wants me some of the maple bacon that be on sale! You aint got no maple bacon here…” The butcher just looked at her and said, “I’m sorry maam, we must be all out of the maple bacon but you’re welcome to buy some of the other Farmer John bacon that’s on sale.”

    Her eyes got huge and she started bobbing her head back and forth and raised her voice, “What? Ah wants the muthafuckin maple bacon, the sign says all Farmer John bacon. I sure likes the maple bacon. Ah wants me some maple bacon!”

    The butcher, not wanting to cause a scene told her to wait and he would look in the back and see what he could do.

    As she waited, a business man came up to ring the butcher’s bell but just before he was able to ring it, she stopped him by blocking his hand and asked him what he was doing.

    “I have to pick up a platter that I ordered for an office party, do you mind?”

    She was up in his face and really bobbing her head now, “Hell yes I do! He be in the back gettin me muh maple bacon! Now you just back your ass on up and wait a bit! Ah wants that muthafuckin maple bacon!”

    Again, not wanting to cause a scene, the business man backed off and waited to the side.

    She then proceeded to pace back and forth in her overly tight spandex pants and flip flops talking to her kids, “Yas sir, that muthafucka better bring me muh maple bacon. Sheet. Ah done told him dat ah wants muh maple bacon….” Over and over again. She was clearly getting more and more agitated as time went on.

    I secretly hoped that the store didn’t have any more maple bacon left just to see her go ballistic and wondered if anyone else watching the scene felt the same way.

    Finally, the butcher returned and produced a pound of Farmer John maple bacon and gave it to her. Damn luck, I thought. He said, “Here maam, this is our last package of maple bacon.”

    “See? I told you that you be holding out that maple bacon in the back for youself! Sheet! Don’t be trying no bullsheet on me!”

    With that, she took it and left.

    Upon checkout, she was only one aisle over and once again, the cause of another outburst.

    “What do you mean you won’t take my muthafuckin WIC coupon for maple bacon! It says right here for food and this here bes food!”

    The cashier rolled her eyes and said, “I’m sorry, maam. WIC coupons are only for food for your infant. Milk, cheese, bread……and not bacon.” (WIC is a food-stamp type program in California for minority mothers so they can feed their infants rather than using the welfare money for drugs and alcohol on themselves. I doubt a baby would want to chew on maple bacon)

    This time, she was really agitated and not only bobbing her head back and forth but was jiggling her whole massive black body up and down. “Sheet! You all just be bullsheeting me now….put my muthafuckin maple bacon on the muthafuckin coupons!”

    By that time, the manager came over and went between them and settled the situation somehow. I’m not sure exactly what happened after that as I was hurriedly rushed through my lane and went out to my car. The manager must have just given it to her for free or something to get rid of her.

    This supermarket, being in a black neighborhood, had a big problem with losing so many of their shopping carts so they installed an anti-theft device in the parking lot. For those unfamiliar with this, it’s a device that attaches to one of the wheels of the cart that locks up and seizes the wheel of the cart in the event that it leaves the parking lot. I believe it works on some sort of magnet system, I’m not sure. There are bold yellow lines painted in the lot with warnings that the cart will lock up if taken beyond those lines.

    As I was heading for the exit in my car, I saw her pushing her cart and heading for one of the yellow lines, trying to push the shopping cart all the way home, completely oblivious to all the warning signs around her. (Many of them even had the warnings posted as graphic cartoons for people who couldn’t even read and she didn’t even comprehend those!)

    I decided to hang back and park with my lights off to watch her.

    Sure enough, she approached the yellow line still bitching to her kids about the maple bacon incident when ZAP! The right front wheel of her shopping cart locked up on the yellow line and sent her big fat black body spilling over the front edge of the cart and knocking it and all the contents over the side. Her milk, eggs, bread, and yes…her precious maple bacon all were knocked over and spread out in the parking lot.

    It was truly a sight to behold. She looked like a huge black blob encased in spandex lying in the middle of spilled groceries and a shopping cart with her two kids standing over her.

    There was a slight moment of silence. An uneasy silence. The kind of silence you feel right before Old Faithful erupts or the Space Shuttle launches. The silence you experience when you know that all hell is about to break loose.


    “What the hell kind of sheet is this? What the hell is this bullsheet?”

    Just then, her 10 year old said, “Momma, all the stuff spilled!”


    With that, she got up and started to walk back into the store. She didn’t bother to pick up any of her groceries or even turn back to make sure that her kids were following her. All I saw was 210 pounds of black ass walking to the store saying, “I’m going to tell them muthafuckas a thing or two…sheet…dey aint heard the end of dis sheet..they better come out here and clean dis sheet up….”

    I could just imagine the impending scene in the store.

    I considered going back into the store to pretend I was shopping some more just to hear the scene she would make but I had a better idea.

    I put my car into drive and slowly drove away from the parking lot, making sure that both my tires ran over her precious maple bacon.

    1. Trezaland says:

      So your da muddafuka dat runned ove my maple bakon? Yo ass is gonna get it when Obama locks yo ass up in a cage. Ima get Obama to get yo racissst ass muddafuka.

  32. Im ona boat says:

    I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat)
    I’m on a boat (I’m on a boat)
    Everybody look at me ’cause I’m sailing on a boat (sailing on a boat)
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    I’m on a boat
    Take a good hard look at the motherfucking boat (boat, yeah)

  33. Im ona boat says:

    My dick cost a late night fee
    Your dick got the HIV
    My dick plays on the double feature screen
    Your dick went straight to DVD

  34. Pickles says:

    About 2 years ago I was in a Lowe’s (hardware) store. There were 2 hoodlum niglets (around 10 and 13) acting like total animals, whooping and screaming, pushing carts around, hitting people, shelves and other carts. The manager comes along and tells the black mammy to keep her kids under control. She starts telling him, ‘shut the fuck up, you can’t be telling me how to raise my kids, ect, ect…” Well, the welfare puppy pumper let the glits run amok, so the manager calls the police. Meanwhile the oldest niglet is standing in one of the carts with the little glit pushing it around. The little niglet stops pushing and the oldest one goes to do a Shaquille Oneil jump from the cart. He jumps, pushes off, the cart whisks out from under his feet, he hangs his toe on the front of the cart, and promptly lands on his forehead on the concrete floor. The little fucker has a gash OVER 2 inches long on his forehead gushing blood like a broken fire hydrant. He is out cold on the floor, unconscious. The police arrive about this time, the nigra mammy is screaming and yelling about her baby, the police call an ambulance for the downed wildebeest. The mammy is screaming about how she is going to sue them, EMS takes the wounded glit and it’s mammy away. The manager tells the police all about the incident, myself and several others sign affidavits stating that she was warned to get her children under control several times and basically told the management to fuck off. The police took the surveillance video as evidence. The nigra mammy didn’t get shit in court, the judge threw the case out when he read all our affidavits, even threatened action against her lawyer!

    The sight of that monkey on the floor and the mammy screaming was hilarious! Wonder why the cops called an ambulance? Everyone knows you can’t hurt a nigger by hitting them in the head.

  35. N.H.M. says:

    I sure hope the concrete floor at Lowe’s wasn’t damaged from the niglets hard as a rock head.I think Lowe’s should sue the sheboon for floor damage and hazardous waste removal, for having to clean up the blood.

  36. Dr. FACTor says:

    Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the Black African Negro, such as the Kenyan, Barrack Obama, has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burr head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.

    1. Jacob says:

      Didnt all of civilization begin inside of black nations? Heck, Im pretty sure Jesus wasnt white. Eygptians invited tons of things, lets see, black Aztecs invented surgery (sounds crazy, but saw it on discovery channel). Heck, you couldnt even sharpen your pencil without the pencil sharpener that was invented by a black guy. Dr. Fact has no facts…

      1. Daisy says:

        Sounds like you’d better reopen your history book hun.

        1. Jacob says:

          Which part is wrong? Did civilization begand in Yorkshire or something?

          1. Jose says:

            Jesus was from Palestine/ Cannan of Arabic stock not sub Saharan African. Same with the Egyptians. Aztecs weren’t “black” either. Not all dark skinned people are black. South Asians are dark skinned but they aren’t “black” aka niggers. And the earliest civilization was near modern day Iraq.

            Jacob – you are just another idiot who bought into the ridiculous muppetish drivel that Egyptians were black. That alone will discredit all your further arguments. Maybe you’ll tell us next about how niggers could fly and shiet before whitey crackers came and stole their power.

  37. Nignogape says:

    Weez niggers are not human aight
    Youz stupid cracka azz white liberalz cant see weez be oozing youz.
    Weez be specialz becuz nobodody haz r nappy hare
    Nobodoby beez having r wide oogly noze
    Nobodoby beez having r big oogly lipz
    Weez be special ain shits.

  38. shemika says:

    This need to go, these crackers try and makes us black peoples look stupid and we is NOT stupid!

  39. Stew says:

    I visited the niggermania forum you posted the link to and laughed my ass off. Thanks for bringing the site to my attention, I never would have found it otherwise.
    As for obama’s birth certificate, I could care less. America is on the down hill slide, fast becoming a third world country so why shouldn’t we have a president who reflects our decline.
    Aint socialism great.

  40. enoughisenough says:

    wow, i never would have thought such a wealth of knowledge and truth could be found in one website, THANKS SO MUCH JIM! is so eye opening and so much insight…

    1. Jim says:

      The only people who have referred to the name of the website on this web page are visitors from the web page itself. You’ve already been to the website, you silly, silly goose.

      1. enoughisenough says:

        OOOOOOO jimmy you amaze me with your quick responses and witty comebacks. also your proper use of syntax and the english language in general make me horny as a cracked-out nigger looking to score some rocks. plz waste your time reading this and please waste more coming up with another brilliant fucking reply.

      2. averagejoe says:

        Seems to me that you were the first one to mention niggermania. The page seems to have changed from:

        “The single largest source of internet traffic to that article? Niggermania”


        “The single largest source of internet traffic to that article?
        A website devoted to “nigger” jokes.”

        Why is that? I think you were the first one to mention niggermania. Or whoever wrote the header did.

  41. Im ona boat says:

    why do you keep deleting my links to interesting stories that “african-americans” face everyday?

    Well here’s another one until you delete it too, its a tour of Detroit.

    I dare you to count how many boats you see.

  42. Lahporka says:

    Do crotch crickets count as STDs……..gotta keep the total under five or I’ll loose my job at ACORN.

  43. Your Typical Nigger says:

    Ook ook eek, scree scree, gibs me a dolla, eek eek scree, weh muh free shicken beez, ook ook ook scree scree.

  44. Jacob says:

    ahhh… golden silence…

    1. Jim says:

      Don’t tempt hfate.

      1. nobody says:

        Jim you have disappointed me. I thought you would come up with better responses than you have. I took a run by niggermania and found out that everything there has a link to a fact based document. except the jokes. It is a pretty simple question that I have. Obama could stop all the speculation by releasing his original birth certificate. Not a copy, but the original. Why hasn’t he done that. Why has he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it out of the media. Thats a simple question, can you answer that?

  45. Jacob says:

    We liberals are idiots.

  46. American Hatred says:

    Yes, you niggerloving liberals are idiots.

  47. gerald speaks the truth says:

    “Personally, I do not hate niggers at all, I just correctly understand that they are not human and treat them accordingly….hahaha you see this racism thing is a’s getting old now…you guys are really wasting your lives,WHITE POWER!!!!lol get real man you never lived nor will in a time that you dream.haha have fun on the internet

  48. dude says:

    rite on with that bacon story wish i were there to see it i would have lmfao

  49. dude says:

    damn im behind on my date that shit was on may 7th all this shit was in may

  50. nofreelunch says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with niggermania. There are plenty of websites devoted to black people and their hatred of white people. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Can obama take that away too?

  51. Rape Ape says:

    a yo mang, uh you be knowin whare da mwhite wimminz beez? i beez lookin to get muh dik on n sheeeit. nomesane?

    1. shvl hd says:

      nigger half breed

  52. Yuki says:

    Niggermania is a funny site. I enjoy very much reading it. Very few niggers in Japan. I not have much experience with them until I move to US, now I have too much! My family in Kyoto think niggers dirty animals too, grandmother always worry I get in trouble with male niggers because I tell them leave me alone I dont date niggers! Sorry for my poor English I am still learning.

    1. Anonymous says:

      U racist fuck

      1. shvl hd says:

        stay away from the niggers. your mom is right.stick to your own kind you dont see a bear fucking a rabbit do you?

        1. Mother Davis says:

          I’m sorry, but could you explain why you’re talking about bears and rabbits? Do European-Americans sleep in caves during the winter? Do African-Americans have long ears?

          Ohhhh. I get it. You’re trying to suggest that African-Americans and European-Americans are as genetically distinct as carnivores and lagomorphs.

          Genetic studies show that’s not the case. You would be more accurate to ask people whether they’ve seen dogs with different colors of fur “fucking”. I’ve seen that before. Haven’t you, shvl hd?

    2. Justin says:

      Hey Yuki, I am going to Tokyo of April this year, 2009. I am very curious about your experiences with niggers and what they’ve done to make you feel this way about them. I always find racism to be a fascinating concept. What is your e-mail?

      Tomodachi ni natte kudasai.

    3. Joe says:

      Yuki, I know your feelings. 14% of the population and 80% of the crime. Crime is going up here in Japan because of the black bastards.

      1. shvl hd says:

        these are americas darkest 4 years

  53. Hiyella says:

    Yo how deeeeeer u queshun god Obama he beez da king n sheet he’ll sho u yt crackaz da whip nomesayin?

  54. Yuki says:

    Why everyone say Obama a black man when he is half white? Half white half black make him zebra yes? Niggers try claim him as black president but if he born full blood nigger he never would make president. Mud hut yes. Unclaimed babies yes. President no. Full blood nigger have no ambition, only when white, asian, hispanic blood mix with nigger blood to make zebra does ambition appear. All talented “blacks” are zebras. Halle Berry a zebra. Tiger Woods asian Zebra. Alecia Keys zebra. Vin Diesel zebra. And now zebra President.

  55. Yuki says:

    Nigger sticking his man pencil into another nigger bottom not mean nigger invented pencil sharpener hee hee! Niggers so funny!

  56. Q.E.D. du Bois says:

    Well, there you have it, folks. Every single person who thinks BHO was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, has now chimed in here. You’ve heard from all of them, and they’re all from Niggermania. And they’re all ignorant, uneducated bigots who live in trailers, just as we’ve known all along.

    Hats off to Jim for proving–and we’re talking ironclad proof here, rigorous, without a trace of innuendo–that everyone who questions Obama’s birth certificate story is a stupid racist.

    1. Anonymous says:


      1. Jim says:

        I love the conjuction of “nothing to do with bieng racist” and “Niggers are Niggers no matter where they are… you porch monkey piece of shit.” I’m completely convinced that you mean the latter statement, “Anonymous.” The former statement just doesn’t ring so true. Hmm. Now why is that? Can’t put my finger on it. Hmm.

  57. Jopseph Paul Franklin says:

    N to the I to the G to the G to the E to the R to the M to the A to the N to the I to the A to the DOT to the COM nigga. Yo, nomesane? Yall mufugahs be some raciss mufugahs, nomesane? Nomesane? Nomesane? Yall jus be some stoopit mufugin crackers. Nomesane? Nomesane? Nomesane? You jus can’t stand it dat yo wiminz be craving duh dark meat n sheeit. Nomesane? Nomesane? Nomesane? Nomesane?

  58. Jopseph Paul Franklin says:

    Q.E.D. du Bois, if all racially aware people are ignorant trailer trash, then wouldn’t this mean that all niggers are thieving, raping, murdering, savage animals?

    Stereotypes work both ways. And so you must be a be sweater wearing, coffee shop patronizing, soul patch growing, fart sniffing, pious, “holier than thou,” tree hugging, Karl Marx reading, chess board displaying (but not actually playing) hyper sensitive, cock smoking, gay pride parade marching, ultra liberal leftists douche bag.

    Am I close?

  59. Yuki says:

    JPF do not forget “Ayn Rand reading”. Every pretentious liberal prick I ever met claimed to have read Atlas Shrugged, though I doubt any of them actually made it through the first 300 pages of mind numblingly boring, overwrought prose.

  60. La Blanche Biche says:

    Yes, we’re all ignorant, uneducated bigots living in trailers. Yes we are! We’re certainly not your next door neighbor in your upwardly mobile suburban community! We’re certainly not that loft dwelling artist with the strange hairdo and the tattoos. Definitely not the college professor teaching your children at that Ivy League college, oh no! That college football player your daughter is dating, the one with the full scholarship? No worries, that’s not one of us either. Of course not. We’re ALL living in trailers somewhere in Idaho or Kansas, and when we’re not talking about niggers, we’re comparing notes about our most recent alien administered anal probes. Rest assured, oh niggerloving viewers, we are most certainly not living all around you, working with you, waving hi as we drop our kids off at soccer practice to play with your kids.

    I have to go now. They’re having a Springer marathon on TV today and I simply can’t miss it.

  61. Down Lo Nigga says:

    Yo raciss crackaz dunno dat dem strong black brothaz invented dat penseel sharpena? For dem down lo niggaz nomesayin?

  62. Rape Ape says:

    ay yo mang, i axed you whare da white wimmenz beez? tale me muhfuggah. godamed honky rayciss muhfuggaz, dey beez hoggin al da white wimmenz. ook eek skree skree bix nood mufugahh rayciss praise obama n sheeeit krakka

    eregulatams beez rayciss fo not tellin me whaye da white wimminz beez.

  63. wampus says:

    Well,one things for sure. You did notice the “racists” from the nigger”joke site” have enough smarts to read your article. You always want to call people names like racist or bigot and try to discredit us…Of course we have our share of jokers who come on here and make fun of you…That’s because we see how the media and journalists in general have taken to out-right butt kissing of their “messiah”…The fact is this..I have to produce my birth certificate to get a drivers license.A drivers license is a common thing. Then if the most powerful man in the world cannot produce his,then why is he given a free ride? Is it because he’s black? Or is it because he cannot. I believe if he was being truthful then the birth certificate would have already been produced. But really it’s a secondary thing now. But could you imagine the outcry from the liberals if a republican couldn’t produce his?..My God,the world would stop,and under constant media scrutiny,no stone would be left unturned until it was produced or impeachment proceedings were started. I guess it’s not the actual certificate but the hypocrisy of it all. Bu judging by your responses I don’t really think it’s an issue to you…Really. You don’t care if he is an American citizen or not..And you most certainly don’t care if the law of the land is broken. You yourself have played the race card by stating that “It’s because we don’t want a black man in the White House”. I really don’t care if the guy is purple but if he’s not legally entitled to hold the highest office in America,then he should not be in that office..It’s plain and simple.

    I believe it’s people like you and others(including your motley fool Jacob) that’s the real problem in our country…Sheeple, not people,looking for someone to magically make all our problems disappear and feed everyone and lets be lovey-dovey and sing “kum by ya” together…I guess you had better put your joint out and take a real look around. Your ‘messiah” has grown our national debt to 4 times what it was under George Bush. This is debt that we will never be able to pay in our lifetimes. Our freedoms are being eroded little by little. The criminal doesn’t care about gun laws..He’s gotten one illegaly and doesn’t mind if he steals everything you own and hell,he might as well rape your wife while he’s at it,you wouldn’t be able to do anything with your cell phone as a weapon.You talk about how we can’t come here and say this and that.That free speech is limited. On your site you can choose what you want to say and have said. But what will you do when even that is controlled? It’s sites like niggermania that really stand up against people who would like to just see us just shut up and go away. We know what free speech is and if calling a spade a spade is what it takes so be it.

    Ok, Pop-n-Fresh lets get down to the real facts here..(feel free to repudiate with FACTS and not opinions or myths)niggermania is and always will be a site that not only jokes,but tells the truth about the so-called African-American..
    1.Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit 50% of all crime.That means blacks are 33% more likely to commit a violent crime than whites… If you don’t believe me the Dept.of Justice files are there for you to see
    2. 70% of black children are born out of wedlock (means there isn’t a father) Do you think that has anything to do with the number of welfare recipients and that violent crime is highest in the black population…

    3.More than 100,000 human woman(white,hispanic,asian) woman are raped or sexually assaulted every year by black males…DOJ again…look it up….while white on black rape is non-exsistent. Less than 1% by population.

    4.No matter what pusedo-history you look at facts are facts.blacks have never produced a written langage,built any kind of empire,invented anything(Geo Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter),nor have they ever done anything except live off a host,like a parasite.They are doing it now and have done it since time began.

    5.Poverty is the cause of the black mans problems..We have given over a trillion dollars since the civil rights bill was passed and nothing beneficial has come of one dime of that money,In fact it’s getting worse.We have whole families,two or three generations living on the dole. Never working or adding anything to society except more children for us to feed.

    I could go on but I can think you can see my point. I usually wouldn’t waste my time bringing up these facts to folks that are too blind or stoned to see them, but in your case I make the exception.
    As to this being off topic in this thread about obamas birth certificate, I believe it shows the cause and utter destruction of this country by the “magic” negro and his african brothers and sisters.
    You can shrug this off and forget it and thats alright with me. But if you want to know why you can’t walk down the street at night in your own neighborhood(excepting the gated communties that liberals are so fond of living in)or if you wonder why so many people are dying at the hands of black thugs or if you wonder why your 12 year old daughter was raped while going to a movie in the mall then you need to open up your eyes and see the real problem insted of pretending it’s not there. Go to Detroit,Compton,Trenton or Philadelphia..It’e there waiting for you to see and experience.

    And one last thing about niggermania. We are not the racist,hate site that we are claimed to be..we are just a gathering of humans,who are tired of being robbed,raped and killed and we are tired of our tax dollars being used for the upkeep of these criminals. we believe that humans and blacks should not be together and that blacks should be returned to Africa whre they can do what they want without the tired old excuse of being oppressed by the white man.

    Feel free to try and disprove anything I’ve said. And I’ll be waiting for your response.

    1. midiman says:

      Thank you !!!
      For telling it like it IS !!

      You speak for millions of UN hyphenated Americans.

      Bless you man..

    2. tom3 says:

      The best way for wampus to solve his racial problems would be to move to an Asian country or maybe Germany. Oh, wait a minute…them Azun cuntreez is loded with gooks, aint they. Germany would be best, you unAmerican creep.

      1. Anonymous says:


        1. Rush L:imbaugh says:

          I can understand why you post anonymously you coward!

      2. wampus says:

        Is that all you can say? Can you not dispute that facts? Where’s all the big-mouthed liberal propoganda? Where’s your facts at? Why can’t you dispute what I’ve said….Because you cannot….I will not move to Germany and I have no problems with Asians,Jews,Hispanics or any other humans… My views and feelings about blacks have been caused by blacks themselves…as for the poster who says that there are more whites(read whites/hispanics/asians/other)on welfare, well its no surprise..I mean, there only 320 million whites in this country compared to 40 millions blacks. Quite a difference but by average, blacks are the most represented group on welfare by percentage. Of course I know these facts have no meaning to someone who would still believe a tiger wouldn’t attack him untill he’s the main course….One correction though..I made a mistake. The 100,000 was in reference to the amount of violent crime commited by blacks, not rapes…The number of white women raped by black thugs last year in the US was around 35,000…Who knows? maybe your wife or daughter will be next…

      3. wampus says:

        Oh yeah, I just love the way you make the insulting bumkin spelling.Like I’m somekind of inbred or something…Thats what liberals do when they are put in their place. They use smear tactics and name calling to discredit anyone who bests then in a debate. As for being an unAmerican creep..I care more about my country than you ever will. Admit it, I handed you your ass on a platter and you cannot dispute what I say because you can’t.

      4. wampus says:

        I respect Asians so don’t put words in my mouth. You are the one calling them “gooks”, not I. Is that a touch of racism that I hear from your post? I should not have to live anywhere else. I was born here and have every right to express how I feel. I still don’t see any evidence that refutes any of my arguments. Plus you will see in my original post that I did not use any foul language like you did. Your attempt to discredit me has shown you to be at the least unwilling to listen to any argument except your own, and that makes you a fool. My position is that blacks should be able to form their own country away from whites and then they won’t have to worry about being oppressed by whitey. I don’t avocate violence towards blacks nor do I condone it. Every time you see a news story it always ends up with some kind of racism claimed by blacks against whites. So if thats’s the case then why don’t blacks support getting away from whites and take control of their own lives? I would in a second if it was the other way around. But do you think that,maybe, the blacks are so used to living off the system that they refuse to do anything for themselves. Take a look at modern Africa. There’s more murder and genocide,rape and corruption there than any other place on earth. Africa is 90% black. I wonder why they haven’t made it a utopia. Unless of course the truth be known. And the truth is that they cannot.

    3. Ronnie Bray says:

      @ WAMPUS@Asylum.rubberroom.loon

      Congrats on getting every statement you made from http://www.Morons.R.Us!

      If you had any smarts you would not need to visit this site to verify how badly wrong you are, the evidence is out there. Your evidence is from Limbaugh Land, that sits on one corner of La La Land.

      What is sad is that you probably went to school for your free education, but wasted your time there and now you’re still a time waster that spends his/her/its life posting second hand lies.

      Whatever you do, don’t get married. However, if you can dupe someone into marrying you, then it is imperative that you do not have any children. This insanity has to stop!!!!

      1. wampus says:

        Gee Ronnie Bray, you assume a lot. Where do you say I got my facts? I hate to break it to you but my facts are from the Justice dept and from the bureau of Health,Education and Welfare.BTW I’m married and have wonderful children who,are a lot smarter in a debate than you are. If your as bright as you think you are then refute any fact I’ve posted. Thrill me with your acumin. And as far as insanity goes,maybe you should look at yourself real close, because if you think the truth is insanity then by refusing to look at the truth then you are the most insane of us all.

  64. Kevin says:

    “Every pretentious liberal prick ”

    what? Rand is required reading for Neo-cons and hyper-capitalists, NOT liberals.

  65. 5.56 says:

    Niggermania is full of REALISTS. That’s the problem with the term RACIST – These good folks see Typical Nigger Behaviour everyday, and don’t like it. That doesn’t make them RACIST – in fact, they are anything but. They just don’t like niggers.

    It is my democratic right not to like anyone who the hell I like. Niggermaniacs only dislike NIGGERS, no-one else.

    Niggermania rules, the truth hurts.

    Incidentally I got banned from NM today, but that’s for a different reason.


  66. Kevin says:

    From the entire state of New Mexico? now that’s an achievement!

  67. T says:

    Negros really are monstrous, they are not a laughing matter.

    1. Green Man says:

      Whereas you, you’re just a piece of cotton candy, aren’t you?

  68. CharlieGator says:

    I hope and pray earnesstly that the “elephant” that stands in America’s living room; ie, the liberal lie that the negro is on an equal par with caucasians, is soon overturned, even if by the most violent means necessary, for the survival of the euro-american community. Feminism and affirmitive action have proven to be the leathal injection which is now coursing through the blood stream of american culture.

  69. asdf says:

    Obama sucks fucking balls.

  70. Anonymous says:

    niggers just make everyday life more difficult

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Everyday life more difficult – for people who want slaves to serve them? This is the most idiotic statement I’ve heard in a long time. Who was the worst President in American history? His name rhymes with Schmorge Schmubbleview Schmush, and he is not an African-American.

      1. Dissapointed WM says:

        I don’t want anyone to serve me, I serve myself. I just know life would be alot easier if blacks in general were not around. I have lived in both white and black areas and there is such a big difference in living. It is alot less stressful to live in a white area and black areas are generally shitty.(fact)look up the stats. I don’t understand how a certain percent of people can make up double that percentage in crime. It is disgusting.

    2. Jim says:

      Sweetie, that’s not how you spell “paranoid schizophrenia.”

      1. wampus says:

        What’s paranoid about the truth? It’s paranoid to deny the truth.

  71. Dissapointed WM says:

    Reparations-What a joke. If niggers want reparations. They have already recieved it in welfare. You figure that in the 1800’s or earlier wages per hour were practically nothing, so the shines have been paid off 10x’s over already. In fact, they probably have been overpaid and owe us money back. Also you can look at it as these fucking people were brought over here, eventually taught how to read, write, and were culturalized. Also look at all the opportunities and money being made by these people in sports which they would have never made in there fucking glorious homeland. If they think what we put them through is bad, then they should take a look at the poverty, hunger, and disease they would have been dealing with in Africa. What I don’t understand is how does it take a fucking race, culture or whatever you want to call it over 200 years to finally start to evolve. It is sad. Every nationality has gone through hard times and has been treated like shit throughout history, but they eventually thrived and survived without the help of the government.

    1. Ralph says:

      I must say, I don’t find you as funny as You People.

      Every nationality has thrived without the help of government?

      What on EARTH are you talking about. It is absolute gibberish. Have you made it your life’s ambition to be stupid? If so, congratulations.

      What I find most disconcerting about idiotic racists like you is the fact that you are absolutely immune to reason. You’ve dedicated yourself to being stupid, and there’s simply no getting through to you.

      You might want to look up the difference between “there” and “their,” and problems with punctuating sentence fragments. Aw, who am I kidding? You’re PROUD to be dumb. Aside from your idiocy and your skin color, you’ve got nothing to take any pride in, do you?

  72. Toby Cn says:

    Obama will soon be crowned as the worst Prsident in history, hands down. God, I miss George Bush.

  73. hendrix says:

    Ah yes, Revelation 6:9-11 —
    Then shall all nations proclaim, “truly Barry Hussein is the the worst Prsident in history” and the bear-stallion shall place the crown of Mammon upon his head. And ye shall know the end is near and the time of the return of W is at hand.

    Or at least that’s how I remember it — don’t have my king james revision handy.

    Anyway, hopefully the injection CharlieGator noticed will take effect soon and clear out the blockage or he will die of an aneurysm of irrationality.

  74. You People are hilarious says:

    This is the dumbest crap I have ever read. In case you were interested I worked for the department of health care an family services and statistically there are more white people on welfare than blacks. Secondly, all of you on here are niggers. If you need to know the real definition of a nigger please look it up. Black people are here to stay. Latinos are here to stay. No one wants reparations. No one that I know wants a free ride. There are low lifes in every race. I am an African American woman. I have a Masters degree and my mother is the Vice President of her company. We don’t all sing and play sports you ignorant assholes. Get a life or do the world a favor and kill yourself. If you do not want as you so eloquently stated niggers around then I advise you remove yourself from the planet. You people make me laugh…Ha Ha Ha!!!

    1. wampus says:

      Last time I looked, There were 300 million whites and 40 million blacks in this country. To say that blacks are overrepresented on the welfare rolls and crime statistis is an understatment. As to the rest of the foolish replies I’ve gotten on here there’s been NO evidence presented to refute any of my statistics. You say I’m full of it and such, but you have not presented ANY evidence whatsoever to refute my claims. I know that coming to a place like this and speaking how I feel leaves me open to all sorts of insults. Thats fine. But at least I’m man enough to say how I feel about things and do it without the insults that are thrown back at me.

  75. wonder woman says:


    You crack me up!!!

  76. FED UP says:


  77. Kittypie070 says:

    Wampus, you giant shivering coward, man up like an American and grow some short n curlies down there. I gotta cough up my birth cert for a state ID and a passport and you don’t see me crying and snivelling and whining and whimpering about it.

    If you’re so all American Red White N Blue boom boom awesomistic why don’t you go into those criminal infested places and play shoot-em-up the way some of the Stormfronters like to wank
    into their kleenexes about?

    People like you with your tiny shrivelled minds make me laugh.

    1. wampus says:

      And you are an Idiot…..I have to produce my ID so why doesn’t Obama have to produce his? When you call someone a coward look at yourself as well. At least I speak how I feel. As for playing “shoot em’ up” what good would that do? That would just bring me down to the level that the black man occupies. You say you have made something of yourself,I say Great! I’m pleased. But I ask you, why is that so uncommon in the black race? You strut and preen and brag that you have a degree and such. Thats no big deal. White people do it every day. But you are an exception. Most blacks could care less about doing anything to help themselves. BTW, how di your mother become vice-president of a company? Was it through affirmative action?

  78. chess says:

    Isn’t it amazing that in the history of the world, the negroid race has never ORGANIZED any type of civil society. Their only claim to fame is to rape and plunder that which someone else has toiled to construct. AND SO IT GOES WITH OUR NEGROID PRESIDENT.

    1. Truman says:

      That’s absolute rubbish, historically false and aesthetically ugly. If you really think what you said is true, “chess”, then you need to do some serious reading in history.

      1. wampus says:

        Show me anywhere that the black race has done anything. They never used the wheel and still do not. They did not build the pyramids. In Africa they still live in mud huts. You say the he is wrong and yet you do not present anything to back your claims.

  79. JD says:

    Imagine if we really practiced “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

  80. The Pope says:

    If we truly judged niggers by “the content of their character” they’d be BEGGING us to judge them by the colour of their skin.

  81. Anonymous says:

    If Barrack Obama is such a bad President, what do you think of that ignorant George Bush and his dumb ass. Are black people committing homegrown terrorist attacks? Next time think before you comment on any blog dumb ass. How ignorant are you and the other ignorant bloggers on this outdated website. I cannot believe that there are people in this world who have such low self esteem. May you all go to hell and have a safe trip. You are indeed the cowards of the world.

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