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A New Computer Top All For An S

Going to an Apple Store, looking at an iPhone today, was not the result of random shopping. It was a visit with a purpose.

A friend’s Apple laptop computer’s keyboard was missing an S key.

It was a simple task I volunteered for – to get a new S key put on the computer – that brought me into the store. Yet, I knew that Apple repair people, the so-called geniuses, had a reputation for being kind of persnickety. So, made an appointment five hours in advance.

I arrived, presented the computer, and readied myself for 15-minute repair job. It was completed five hours later.

The reason? In order to deal with the missing S key, the technicians at the Genius Bar had to replace the entire top of my friend’s computer.

I was told that Apple considers it a waste of time to bother having spare keys for people who have had the keys get broken. Apple believes that it’s just easier to train its repair people to replace the whole top of the computer whenever anything gets wrong with it.

Is that what a real genius would do? More importantly, is that the way a good computer designer would operate?

Environmentally, it’s downright stupid. Today, an entire top of a laptop computer just got thrown away because it was missing an S key. That’s outrageous waste.

If Apple’s computer repair systems are so disfunctional, why should I trust their actual computers to work well?

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