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War, On Terror, In Afghanistan

mother davisMother Davis looks at a picture of Afghanistan’s future, and notes,

Eight years ago, the USA went to fight in Afghanistan in order to end attacks on innocent civilians. In order to accomplish this, we’ve been launching attacks on civilians there ever since.

As many as 100 civilians were killed in an American attack in Afghanistan this week. President Obama says that he will make “every effort to avoid civilian casualties”. Does he really mean it? Does Obama plan to stop air strikes immediately? That’s what “every effort” would include, if Obama really meant what he said.

The sad thing is that I don’t believe that President Obama really meant what he said. It’s become clear that Obama has been sucked into the same twisted delusion that enabled George W. Bush to get the American military stuck in two quagmires at once: The belief that violence can be a tool for creating peace and social stability, if we just keep on using it for long enough.

We’ve had 8 years to try that approach in Afghanistan, and it still hasn’t brought results. Does Barack Obama not have any other ideas?

child burned afghanistan

Thinking how Americans would react if this were one of their own children,
Mother Davis

3 thoughts on “War, On Terror, In Afghanistan”

  1. Mark says:

    Now that evidence is mounting that the Taliban caused many, if not most, of these deaths by using grenades to simulate US bombing, do you wish to amend your comments? What do you think of our enemy now that they are resorting to the murder of women and children to try to turn world opinion against the US actions in Afghanistan? They are doing the same in Pakistan by preventing civilians from leaving the areas they control in order to maximize civilian deaths in the Pakistani military offensive. We are fighting an enemy who so casually kills their own people. We can’t stop fighting them just because we accidently kill a few ourselves.

    1. JimC says:

      No, Mother Davis will not amend her comments, despite compelling evidence that she is as full of it as a pre-Thanksgiving turkey.

  2. Mother Davis says:

    Um, Mark, that’s not what the Voice of America and other mainstream news outlets are reporting. The US military does not dispute that it actually engaged in the bombings, so how can you argue that the Taliban faked the US bombings? Are you accusing the U.S. military of lying, and cooperating with a Taliban conspiracy to fake civilian deaths? Your comments make no sense.

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