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Nancy Pelosi, Caught in Torture Coverup, Uses the Troops as a Shield

For the umpteenth time, information has come out revealing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her aides were being briefed on the authorization for of various forms of torture, including waterboarding, and also apparently on their actual use. Pelosi’s response then? To take impeachment of torturer-in-chief George W. Bush “off the table”. Knowing what she knew about the extent of President Bush’s corruption of authority to torturous ends, Pelosi decided to let the high crimes go on without consquence.

Pelosi’s response earlier this week, as revelations dribbled out? To claim somehow, golly, she only knew the techniques were “authorized” to be used by the Bush administration, not actually used. Or to claim that yes, she was informed about the use of some torture techniques, but not about others. Or to claim that only an aide was informed of the actual use of waterboarding, but that she wasn’t briefed. Or to claim that the Bush administration told her the use of torture was legal, gosh darn it.

The excuses Speaker Pelosi offers up damn her all the more. It doesn’t matter whether those using torture said it was legal or not; federal law clearly states in its own special section, U.S. Code 18 Section 2340, that torture of the sort described to Pelosi is illegal. Legislators’ job is to know the law. So what Nancy Pelosi told us this week is that she just credulously believed all this torture was legal because the Bush administration told her so, because as the leader of the House of Representatives she isn’t familiar enough with the law to know better.

That’s not sorry enough for you? How about the sorry gosh-my-aide-was-briefed-not-me sidebar? If Pelosi is a competent leader, then of course serious matters her aide is briefed on will come to her attention. Only if Pelosi is incompetent would she not find out about torture. The golly-I-only-knew-about-some-kinds-of-torture excuse is just plain bizarre, like a police officer explaining that he didn’t stop the bank robbers because he only saw them running out of First National with big bags of cash, not with the Hoboken Diamond Tiara. And who in their right mind could sit through the Bush years and honestly believe that, having authorized itself to commit torture, the Bush administration would not follow through and actually do it?

What Nancy Pelosi told you this week is that no, she wasn’t in on the whole torture conspiracy, no no no, because she was foolish, stupid, ignorant, disorganized, credulous and utterly lacking in leadership skills.

And now Nancy Pelosi is telling you she thinks you’re stupid. Finding herself under the glare of the media spotlight on torture, Nancy Pelosi is making a surprise trip to Iraq to be photographed with the troops. Using soldiers as human shields against charges of unAmerican behavior? Oh, that’s so 2003!

6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi, Caught in Torture Coverup, Uses the Troops as a Shield”

  1. qs says:

    Maybe Cindy Sheehan will have to run again?

  2. gardner says:

    nancy pelosi is beneath contempt, as is hillary’s remarks at the u n yesterday.

  3. Howard Lauther says:

    Sometimes you wonder how these things get started. Take this big flap in the news about what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was told about prisoners being tortured by American officials, and the fact that a growing number of Republicans are saying she concurred with the practice. How damned convenient for them that she was once briefed by the Bush Administration.

    Now, remember: Nancy Pelosi didn’t torture anyone. Nor did she ORDER torture to be committed. Nor did did she WRITE a memo that authorized it. Nor did she make any CLAIMS that what was being done in America’s name wasn’t torture. IT WAS THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION THAT DID THOSE THINGS. The blame rests solely upon those who wrote the memos, ordered the torture to commence, and who actually performed that torture. But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to the news.

    Focusing upon Pelosi is like blaming a bystander for witnessing a car wreck. Peter King, for example, who’s the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, said that if Pelosi failed to object to the torture techniques at the time she was briefed, then — now, pay close attention to this neat twist of logic — she was “an ENABLER” and “an ACCOMPLICE.” Republicans say that any probe into torture should be broadened to include what Pelosi knew and how much influence she had in shaping the Bush administration’s controversial policies. Can you appreciate the chuztpah it takes to make such a statement? Do you catch a whiff of blackmail in the air?

    People who do bad things to other people, regardless of their motives, are rarely found to be fountains of honesty. And when they descend from their self-appointed high places to explain themselves, they not only tend to blame others for their actions but also rush to find accomplices where none exist.

    What you’re seeing is a distraction, pure and simple, one which was purposely orchestrated by the brain trust of the Republican Party. They want to divert your attention away from what really happened and, instead, keep you busy pondering some other crappy little details that don’t amount to a bead of sweat on a gnat’s behind. It’s another form of “bait ‘n switch,” except here the Republicans are successfully switching the public’s attention away from some terribly rotten bait that came right out of their own bag several years ago, but which is now stinking up the ship of state. They keep pointing in other directions as the source of the smell. And the media, which should know better by now, is stupidly falling for the switch and is performing as their salesmen. In a word, it’s shameful.

    1. Jim says:

      The matter of Pelosi is only “a distraction, pure and simple” to the extent that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is a pure and simple “bystander.” [and she’s not.]

      Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the House of Representatives, one of the two bodies of the United States Congress. As such, she holds considerable power. Regardless of whether she learned about waterboarding in 2002 or 2003, she has chosen to expend her power since then NOT to stop waterboarding, NOT to hold those engaged in torture accountable, but INSTEAD to hold off efforts at discovery and accountability.

      That’s not in line with my values, and it doesn’t make me a Republican or a stooge of the Republicans to say so.

      1. qs says:


        Didn’t you say that you thought that there was no investigations during the 2006-2008 years because Pelosi was the leader?

        “Is it a potential Mexican standoff? And by that, I mean, Senator, that Democrats feel they have the goods on the prior administration to drag out hearings on what they knew about Iraq and when. Now Republicans have the goods, presumably, on Nancy Pelosi about what she knew about interrogation and when. So to avoid mutual self-destruction, both parties cease and desist.”
        Conservatives Express Hope That Their Attacks On Pelosi Will Quiet Calls For Truth Commission

  4. qs says:


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