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Hero Worship Has Its Limits

The name “Barack” is not among the 2000 most popular baby names for 2008 in the United States. To be more exact, the name “Barack” does not appearing in the 1000 most popular boy names or the 1000 most popular girl names in Social Security records for the year.

Boys’ names more popular than Barack:

Beckham: 230 babies
Blaine: 398 babies
Boston: 455 babies
Bridger: 201 babies
Cannon: 381 babies
Cash: 1370 babies
Chase: 6925 babies
Darwin: 274 babies
Edgar: 2046 babies
Elvis: 322 babies
Finnegan: 370 babies
Gauge: 306 babies
Gunner: 580 babies
Jacoby: 684 babies
Jesus: 5697 babies
Justice: 663 babies
Kobe: 722 babies
Kolten: 194 babies
Lincoln: 1795 babies
London: 472 babies
Malachi: 2404 babies
Maximus: 1340 babies
Nehemiah: 849 babies
Odin: 199 babies
Reagan: 203 babies
Remington: 317 babies
Santiago: 2312 babies
Tristan: 5595 babies
Quinton: 587 babies
Xzavier: 387 babies
Zayden: 556 babies

Nope, Barack is not more popular than Jesus, Lincoln or Reagan.

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