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Hoodies Recalled Ethical Standards

Mother Davis shields her head from a fierce wind as she discovers,

hooded jacket pakistanThe Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall alert for hooded boys’ jackets sold by Burlington Coat Factory over the last three years. The Commission is concerned about the jackets’ potential threat to child safety.

Why? Is it because the jackets are made in Pakistan, where child labor in dangerous sweatshop conditions is common? No, the Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn’t have any problem with that.

The Commission is highly concerned, however, because the jackets have a drawstring in their hoods, which, if tied in difficult knots around a child’s neck, could present a risk of strangulation. No children have actually died, or been injured in any way, by the drawstrings in the 1,300 jackets that have been sold so far, of course. You can never be too careful when it comes to kids, though… except when they’re in Pakistan.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that parents remove the drawstring from these jacket immediately, or return the jackets for a refund. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has no recommendations for what to do about child labor conditions in Pakistan.

Tying it all up with a bow,
Mother Davis

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