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NASA Explores Lost Mythical Continent and Zombie Scientist

Today’s headline: Astronauts inspect Atlantis while chasing Hubble

I knew it! I just knew it! What secret powers does the Lost Continent possess to reanimate long-dead scientists? What ancient wisdom awaits if only we will explore?

And yet, even with these staggering findings, the Obama administration has indicated its intention to cut the NASA budget for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate through 2013… just when the division makes its most astonishing discovery yet! What doesn’t Barack Obama want us to find? What information does President Obama insist, behind the scenes, must remain hidden? His original Atlantean birth certificate?

Now, I don’t know about the Obama-Atlantis connection for sure… but the timing of all this and the connection to Atlantis is rather suspicious, you have to admit. Obama could quell these suspicions if he would only release the transcripts of discussions with his Atlantean overlords. Until then, you can’t prove me wrong!

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