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Obama Covers Up Torture Breaking Open Govt Promise

Remember those early days in the Obama Administration when it seemed that President Obama might really be a different kind of President? One of President Obama’s earliest actions as President was to declare that he would reshape the government to make it open and accountable to the American people.

red obama promise brokenA few weeks later, Obama even declared that he would allow the release of photographs of the torture of prisoners by the Bush Administration, photos that George W. Bush had refused to release. We waited, wondering what those photographs might show, what could possibly be worse than the shocking Abu Ghraib pictures.

Now it seems that we’re going to be waiting at least for 4 more years. Barack Obama has changed course, and broken his earlier promises. He is now ordering the Department of Justice to defy Freedom of Information petitions to release photographs of torture by the U.S. government under Bush. That’s illegal, especially given that Obama’s decision to cover up torture appears to be politically motivated. In recent weeks, top Democratic leaders, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, have been exposed as knowing graphic details about America’s torture programs from the start.

Barack Obama said he would be the President of Change. Instead, he’s turned out to be the President of Broken Promises.

And what about the people who supported Barack Obama’s campaign for President last year? Where are they now, and where will they stand? Will they act as partisans, and support Obama’s Bush-like policies covering up torture just because Obama is a Democrat?

I fear that many will take that easy path. However, I hope that more Democrats will realize that they’ve been tricked, and that Obama has broken their trust. Barack Obama has had months now to follow through on the promises of 2008, and at every turn, he has broken those promises. It’s time for sincere activists on the left to turn the heat on the Obama Administration, and on the Democrats who support his betrayal of our trust.

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