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U.S. Intelligence Official: Torture Practices Lasted Nearly Seven Years

The comment is tucked away in a Washington Post article, and it’s nominally a meta-comment, a criticism of a critic of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” aka EITs, aka drowning people, freezing them and slamming them into walls, aka the federal crime known as torture. But carefully this anonymous intelligence official’s denigration of FBI Agent Ali Soufan. Soufan claimed in hearings yesterday that the program of U.S. Government torture carried out by the CIA didn’t produce useful information. The anonymous intelligence official retorted:

It’s puzzling that someone who questioned a single high-value detainee for just a few months claims to be able to talk about the value of a program that lasted nearly seven years after he was a part of it.

FBI Agent Ali Soufan — and backing him up, the entire FBI — withdrew from involvement with the “enhanced interrogation” program in 2002. The anonymous intelligence official just told us that the program of U.S. government torture “lasted nearly seven years“…plus the months during which Soufan was present. Do the math. This anonymous intelligence official is telling us that U.S. government torture lasted right through the end of the Bush administration.

That’s new information. It’s disturbing. And it’s all the more reason for a full-scale independent investigation with subpoena power to get underway.

2 thoughts on “U.S. Intelligence Official: Torture Practices Lasted Nearly Seven Years”

  1. Tom says:

    Fuck Chris Matthews – let’s waterboard him and see if he feels the same afterwards.

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