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Obama Doesn't Want You To See These Photos

The following is one of the photographs of torture that Barack Obama doesn’t want you to see:

naked abu ghraib obama

Barack Obama has said that this photograph should remain secret, so that the world won’t know that, after George W. Bush and Dick Cheney approved torture, and Nancy Pelosi failed to oppose it, this sort of thing was going on in prisons run by the American government. Barack Obama has said that if he can just keep pictures like this secret, instead of published in the open, that maybe the truth can be hidden from the world, and people around the world will not be angry at America any more.

Barack Obama says that the solution is to cover it up when Americans take prisoners, strip them of their clothes, and arrange them into sexual poses in order to torment them into submission.

Oh, but it’s not just sexual torture that was being used. Look at this one, in which American military guards use a little pair of scissors to cut into a prisoner. Isn’t it great how the military gave the guards rubber gloves, so that the torture would be safe?

abu ghraib tiny scissors torture

You can see that we’re not just talking about waterboarding. Just a few of these censorsed photographs have now been leaked out. What else does Barack Obama want to keep hidden from you? How many of these torture methods was Nancy Pelosi informed of?

Why is President Obama insisting that no one be prosecuted for the torture programs that spawned these acts?

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