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Unity2012: Political Resurrection? A Real Channel Changer.

It’s a pretty fair bet that the Unity08 experience — aging political consultants using their media contacts to whip up a hypestorm and engineer their own presidential candidate — will not be repeated as Unity2012. I say this with confidence because the website has already been claimed — with a rather different agenda:

Even before the election took place it was very inspiring to hear that Tobias channeled through Geoffrey Hopped of the Crimson Circle, gave some interesting insight into Barak Obama being.

Tobias reveals – “Abraham Lincoln comes back as Barack Obama to help take not only this country, but the world on to a new level.” (source)

This happened on August, 2, 2008, and at first I didn’t think too much of it, but then shortly afterwards, little things started popping up all over the place…

Unity2012 - Sri KiraHow many ‘New Energy’ Creators does it take to change a lightbulb? (Three – one to screw the new light bulb in, one to describe the aura of the light bulb, and one to channel what the vibration of the change means.)

We are at the grassroots of a spiritual revolution based on our personal awakening and the
transcendence that is created when we connect together with intent, high consciousness, and an
uncompromised, united vision. We are compelled at this time of change to use our gifts for the cocreation
of a harmonious and sustainable cosmic future.

Will you join us? Will you answer the call to join with other lightworkers in Switzerland this February
at the first international GATHERING—an International Conference of Spiritual Leadership?
This conference will be like none others. You, who are already awakening to your personal gifts
and powers, are invited to join others from around the world to create a group alchemy that opens
the potential of human consciousness. Our goal is to give birth to the highest energies possible and
to build a sustainable field of consciousness that enables the rapid growth of human potential. We
cannot predict what the outcomes that emerge from this Gathering will be. Please help us spread
the word! We have 220 people signed up so far, and we envision at least 350—and have room for
500 people!

The organizers of articulate a vision that does not fit snugly within the 30-minute newscast or 50-minute punditry format, like Unity08’s press releases did. I wouldn’t be surprised if Unity2012 accomplished more than Unity08 did.

2 thoughts on “Unity2012: Political Resurrection? A Real Channel Changer.”

  1. qs says:

    Pelosi needs to name NAMES. The CIA is now claiming that the record show they didn’t lie to her. I don’t really trust the CIA, but why can’t Pelosi tells us who lied to her rather than generically accusing the CIA as her cover.

    1. Jim says:

      Take the effort to stay on topic, qs. Unless… are you saying that Nancy Pelosi is Tobias, the psychic channeller of the spirit of Abraham Lincoln?

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