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Why Doesn't Obama Just Shoot Detainees in the Head?

New York Times:

Officials said the decision to proceed with military commissions came partly as a result of concerns that some detainees might not be successfully prosecuted in federal courts.

Roll that phrase around your brain a few times. Detainees will not be sent to trials because some detainees might not be found guilty in trials. Trials have been rejected because the trials’ outcome is not certain. What does that say about the military commissions? By implication, what makes the military commissions preferable is that with commissions there isn’t a possibility of exoneration.

What’s the phrase for a hearing with a pre-determined outcome?

Show trial.

Kangaroo court.

Didn’t we used to castigate the Soviet Union, didn’t we used to condemn North Korea for their kangaroo courts, for their show trials?

What President Barack Obama has declared today is that some people must be found guilty, that some people must suffer the death penalty, and that the uncertainty of justice cannot be allowed to stand in the way of the necessary outcome.

What word is best to use for a leader who creates a show of justice, who goes through the motions of a trial, all in order to create the appearance of legitimacy for a set of executions he has decided will happen already? I think the word “coward” fits.

If Barack Obama were a man with the courage to shove all the show aside, he’d just shove a gun through the bars of the gulag at Guantanamo and shoot off the detainees’ heads himself.

4 thoughts on “Why Doesn't Obama Just Shoot Detainees in the Head?”

  1. Fruktata says:

    I think the word “dictator” fits better… and the Republicans here are more worried about birth certificate conspiracy theories?

    I have to invent a new texting acronym for this: tmho – tearing my hair out.

  2. qs says:

    We should have left the entire war on terror as a law enforcement issue in the first place and not a “war.”

    1. Fruktata says:

      qs, I agree 100 percent with that statement.

  3. Tom says:

    Well, we tried to elect a sensible person to lead us but once in the system he “turned” (“to the dark side”) through bad advisors and corporate control of the players.

    It was a nice place at one time, but it’s going to deteriorate at an alarming rate from here on out (the next 4 years will be “interesting”) as environmental degradation compounds greedy business practices, poor enforcement of regulations and quality of life and peak oil begins in earnest while any alternatives are slow to come into play.

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