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Democrats in Congress Capitulate to Bush Show Trials

Yesterday, we watched Barack Obama break another promise: He reinstated George W. Bush’s separate-and-unequal system of kangaroo court show trials, with a set of rules rigged to result in the conviction of people prejudged to be guilty.

When George W. Bush put this system in place, some Democrats in Congress went along with the unconstitutional scheme, but some congressional Democrats resisted. This morning, I can’t find signs of any Democrats in Congress who are standing against the use of unjust military tribunals.

Not even the supposedly progressive Democrats of Congress are standing in the way of this autocratic move by Obama. The leaders of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives are silent. John Conyers and Dennis Kucinich aren’t doing a thing. In the Senate, Russ Feingold and Barbara Boxer are saying nothing. Even Bernard Sanders, the Democratic-aligned independent from Vermont, offered no dissent.

The new mantra of the Democrats in Congress: It’s okay if Obama does it. The Democratic Party seems to have taken just a few weeks to adopt the same corrupt position in disregard of the Constitution that they spent years criticizing when it came from the GOP. It’s never been more clear that if you want someone to uphold and defend the Constitution, a Democrat won’t get the job done.

12 thoughts on “Democrats in Congress Capitulate to Bush Show Trials”

  1. Tom says:

    What, even more evidence of the “two parties both the same” idea? How surprising! Gee, next we’ll find out that they’re both totally influenced by corporate Amerikkka.

    What a sad joke this country has become. Let me know when the revolution starts, i’ll be in the garden.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      I won’t be there when the revolution starts, Tom. Revolution, the overthrow of law to accomplish ideological ends, is the problem, not the answer. What we need is a reapplication of the principles that are already in place. Corporations are in revolt against those principles – it’s their oligarchical revolution we need to put down. The method of resistance is for citizens to get involved now, not to wait for a revolution that appeals to their fury. Gardening is a good counter-corporate action – just don’t give up on the rest.

  2. qs says:

    Drudge report says San Fran Nan is backtracking on her claims that the CIA was lying to her. She never could tell us WHO was lying to her just that “they” were generically lying to her. So it probably wasn’t official CIA policy to lie to Nancy Pelosi so if they were lying someone would probably have to be at fault.

    lin to hill article

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Wait a minute, qs – how is Bush not to blame? I mean, he’s the one who authorized the torture in the first place, right? I give the Democrats their fair share of blame for caving in to Bush and the Republicans on torture, but it was Bush and the Republicans that they caved in to.

      1. qs says:

        Well Bush is obviously responsible, but I think Pelosi probably knew about it and didn’t seem to care. If so then Pelosi should have just stated that the CIA told her rather than claiming that the CIA was lying to her.

        I’m sure we’ll get to see this play out further though to find out one way or the other.

        1. J. Clifford says:

          Yes, but it’s not either-or. You know, qs, you disagree with Irregular Times writers with a lot of things, but there are a few principles you seem to agree on.

          On issues such as torture, kangaroo courts, and government spying against Americans, I think it’s time for people of all political persuasions to come together and speak, not just against Democrats and not just against Republicans, but against all political leaders who have had a role in organizing and perpetuating these stains on our nation’s reputation.

          1. qs says:

            Well Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney have an alliance right now apparently

            “And I do mean bipartisan. Both Dick Cheney, hoping to prove that torture “worked,” and Nancy Pelosi, fending off accusations of hypocrisy on torture, have now asked for classified C.I.A. documents to be made public. When a duo this unlikely, however inadvertently, is on the same side of an issue, the wave is rising too fast for any White House to control. Court cases, including appeals by the “bad apples” made scapegoats for Abu Ghraib, will yank more secrets into the daylight and enlist more anxious past and present officials into the Cheney-Pelosi demands for disclosure.
            It will soon be every man for himself. “Did President Bush know everything you knew?” Bob Schieffer asked Cheney on “Face the Nation” last Sunday. The former vice president’s uncharacteristically stumbling and qualified answer — “I certainly, yeah, have every reason to believe he knew…” — suggests that the Bush White House’s once-united front is starting to crack under pressure.”

  3. qs says:

    The Nation Magazine is now advocating invading the Cayman Island, a sovereign country.

    There rational for attacking?
    More tax collection.

    The Nation doesn’t like its tax laws so it makes sense that we should use the U.S. military to attack them and steal the money!

  4. qs says:

    New Green Day song as anti-Iraq war song.

    It’s not bad…lacks their normal attitude though.

  5. jeff says:

    Let’s see–over a trillion hidden to evade taxes and circumvent regulation while the country is in economic disaster largely due to the lax regulation, corruption and and over spending of the Bush/Cheney cabal…..

    AH, we should just forget about, let them keep breaking laws while the little guy goes to jail or loses a home due to losing a job due to lack of bank funds to refinance due to rich scoflaws supported by their bought and paid for candidates—Darth and Dummy

    1. qs says:

      Well its their laws not ours. Why do we get to determine their tax laws?

      They are technically part of the UK so if they want to regulate them then it’s their business not ours.

      Second off its not the “our” money it belongs to the people who put it there not “us.”

      If we should invade a country for WMD claims then I don’t think we should invade because we don’t like their tax laws.

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