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Now It Can Be Told: PROOF of Bush Birth Certificate Coverup

A little while back, I wrote about the multiple falsehoods in an e-mail making the rounds, an e-mail claiming that Barack Obama had registered for college as a foreigner named Barry Soetoro. Unable to substantiate the fibs in that e-mail, conspiracy theorists tried to shift focus by making a different argument. Person after person wrote that Barack Obama had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, or nearly a million dollars, or millions of dollars, all for lawyers to suppress his “real” birth certificate.

Of course, Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate, a certified copy sufficient to get a driver’s license or a passport and thereby just about anything else (accompanied by verification of the existence of the original and of Obama’s birth in Hawaii by the Republican Director of the Hawaii Department of Health) has already been produced. But facts don’t stop the conspiracy theorists. Facts aren’t necessary, either. All they need is the appearance of factuality to keep their bizarre fictional rage stoked.

On that point, let’s return to the claims that somehow the Obama campaign paid lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars, or nearly a million dollars, or millions of dollars, you know, some really big sum for lawyers to keep Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate hidden. Here are just a few examples out of many I’ve had slung my way:

Cherie writes:

FACT: Barry Boy has paid millions in many states and two countries to CONCEAL all his records. His WHITE mother and WHITE grandparents are conveniently now all DEAD.


Ken writes:

If it is a lie and a right wing conspiracy, why is Obama allowing millions to be spent to hide the truth. The best way to stop a lie is with truth so why does Obama allows Soros and others to spend copius amounts of money to hide the truch.


whipporwil writes:



Mike L writes:

It amuses me that Obama loves to release “documents” because he believes in full transparency (campaign lie #107), yet he spends $100,000’s to keep his real birth cert under lock and key


to discern writes:

It appears that spending nearly $1 mil in legal fees to seal records of links to his real citizenship does raise the suspicions

These are very stark factual claims being made, but not one of these people, you’ll notice, links to any kind of documentation of the claim. So a bit more than a week ago, I issued a challenge: show me the documentation for this claim. Not another rant about Obama’s “socialism.” Not a screed about “media bias.” Not an attack on my motivations… and NOT a link to how much Barack Obama has paid his lawyers overall. Campaigns have a lot of legal expenses. People who say that Barack Obama has spent some amount of money to have lawyers hide his “real” birth certificate should be able to link to some document showing specific expenditures for those reasons… or they shouldn’t be making their claims.

How many people do you think, in a dozen or so comments, provided links to any such documents? I’ll give you a hint: the number is less than one and rhymes with “Nero.”

The closest anybody came was to link to the FEC and make reference to $688,000 being spent by the Obama campaign on legal expenses after the election of 2008. Well, that much is true: here’s the link to a mainstream news analysis of FEC disclosures revealing that the Obama campaign made $688,000 in payments of legal fees after the 2008 election was over.

But of course that doesn’t show that the Obama campaign spent “hundreds of thousands,” or “nearly a million,” or “millions of dollars” on getting lawyers to hide Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate. Presidential election campaigns, especially successful ones, have all kinds of lawyerly activities associated with them, from securing ballot access to ensuring campaign regulation compliance to working through the legal machinery to accomplish a smooth transition of power. But the conspiracy theorists simply imagine that all the legal fees paid out after a campaign is done must be in the service of… hiding a birth certificate! One that’s already been released!

It’s deluded. It’s insane. We’ll get comments to this post swearing up and down that it all makes sense, even though no, it doesn’t. I’ll ask them for the evidence, and they’ll provide a link to some WorldNet Daily editorial about tea parties and Tony Rezko. And on it goes…

… but let’s punch through to the other side of this deluded conspiracy theory and hypothetically accept for the moment that the fact of Barack Obama paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees somehow means that he is of foreign birth and therefore constitutionally unfit for the presidency.

Well, hey then, kids! Let’s check out legal fees paid out by the Bush-Cheney campaign of 2004, also after the finish of the campaign! Just for kicks and giggles, we’ll limit our search to legal fees paid out by a subset of the Republicans’ 2004 campaign: the Bush-Cheney compliance committee. I’ll even document the searches: Report #1, Report #2.

The total dollar amount of legal fees paid out after the election by the Bush campaign, according to these reports, is $337,172! And that’s just in 2005 dollars. In 2009 dollars that would be nearly $400,000!

Hey, it’s on the same order of magnitude as the Obama expenditure, buckos, and there wasn’t even a presidential transition after the 2004 election. That can only mean one thing: George W. Bush was really born in Bhutan! I mean, what else besides the desperate attempt by the Bush campaign to hide Dubya’s “real” birth certificate could explain these legal fees?

Go on, spread this new truth far and wide. Bush, the Illegitimate Bhutano-Fascist Pretender to the Presidency! Now It Can Be Told!

27 thoughts on “Now It Can Be Told: PROOF of Bush Birth Certificate Coverup”

  1. jai says:


    I can certainly see why you would never sign your last name to such an idiotic article. I wouldn’t put my name on it either.

    Like other liberals, you are willing to either lie to aid your “messiah” in seizing power or else you are simply a CHUMP.

    As to Mr. Obama’s photo shopped Certificate of Live Birth, you are right. It is usable for obtaining a driver’s license and meeting other practical needs. However even if it is legitimate which it pretty obviously is not, the only reason for that type of document is to assist those NOT born in Hawaii to acquire driver’s licenses, etc. Anyone born there would simply use their regular Birth Certificat. So if Obama actually had a certificate of live birth as he claims, then he obviously wasn’t born in Hawaii as the only people who have need for them are the ones not born in the U.S.

    Liberals are so STUPID! Only the average IQ of Jim Jones followers was lower than the average Liberal IQ. And they did the same thing for Jim as you guys are doing for Obama. They willingly sacrificed their children first just as you guys have sacrificed your children’s economic security and their freedom. After sacrificing thir children, the followers of Jones sacrificed themselves. All for a lying coward who made promises he had no intention to keep. Promises that only mislead the truly STUPID just as the promises of Obama mislead the truly STUPID Liberal voter.



    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Jai, I think that one definition of an idiot might be someone who makes claims about a writer without bothering to actually read much of what the writer wrote.

    2. Jim says:

      Jai, I understand that you are upset at having your worldview challenged, but really, going on about me is beside the point. It doesn’t matter if I’m an idiot. What matter’s is whether I’m correct. If I am an idiot, it should be a pretty simple matter to prove me wrong. Go ahead. Do it. Go find the documentation of the amount of legal fees spent on hiding Barack Obama’s “real” birth certificate. Come on. What are you waiting for?

      For everyone else:

      1. Jai’s makes an incorrect claim that the Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is “pretty obviously” not legitimate. FactCheck does a thorough job of showing the raised seal, the proper stamps, and all the accoutrements for such a document to make it legitimate.

      2. Jai also makes an incorrect claim that the “only reason for that type of document is to assist those NOT born in Hawaii.” Read the Driver’s License requirements for the state of Hawaii here. It doesn’t have one set of standards for the Hawaii-born and another set for everyone else. Everyone can use a state certified birth certificate containing the information just like the state certified certificate Obama released.

  2. Greg Goss says:

    This link will show you the proof you are looking for.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      These are not the droids that you are looking for…

    2. Jim says:

      No, it won’t. It links into the same old information — that the Obama campaign spent $688,000 on legal fees. There’s no information on that web page indicating any dollar amount spent for the purpose of keeping Obama’s “real” birth certificate hidden.

      Now you say, well, they wouldn’t show that, would they, because they’d want to keep that all covered up!

      Now I say, well, I guess that means you shouldn’t tromp around the internet making claims you don’t have evidence for.

      Silly goose!

  3. Greg Goss says:

    Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie represents Obama in at least two suits seeking documents of eligibility. Now I do not care if the amount paid to them for that effort $1.00. The question is WHY? It is mind boggling to me that people would have no shame in supporting a President who refuses to allow the people that choose him to lead us view any documents that show who he is!

    1. Jim says:

      Robert Bauer was Barack Obama’s chief lawyer, representing him in all aspects.

      If you “do not care if the amount paid to them for that effort $1.00,” then you’re not within the domain of this conversation. A whole lot of people in the conspiracy groups are putting great stock in a big whopping number they have no documentation for.

      Obama hasn’t refused to allow the people to “view any documents that show who he is.” He’s shown more documentation on this account than any other sitting president in my memory.

      Finally, you didn’t demand that George W. Bush release his birth certificate. Don’t you feel the shame, the shame, the shame?

  4. Doctor Theopolis says:

    That’s a very interesting article on therightsideoflife. It brings together two facts, both of which are true:

    1. The Obama campaign paid several hundred thousand dollars to a law firm. (For what isn’t specified.)

    2. A lawyer at that firm sent letters to plaintiffs in lawsuits challenging Obama’s elligibility for the presidency on the grounds that he was allegedly born outside the United States. The letters ask the suits be dropped because they are frivolous. (How much time the lawyer spent and how much he was compensated for that task is not specified.)

    In its very title, the article blends the two facts together without any justification, slaps a question mark at the end, and asks whether Obama spent nearly a million dollars to conceal facts about his place of birth.

    There’s some interestingly bogus reasoning going on here. Kids should be taught to see through this kind of specious argument in school; that they reach adulthood that ability is detrimental to American democracy.

  5. HareTrinity says:

    “…Are conveniently now all DEAD.”

    Hahaha… Harsh, but still.

  6. qs says:

    Hey Jim,

    I was reading that Obama has a “certificate of live birth from Hawaii”, which at the time you could get no matter where you were born.

    I’m not saying I believe this one way or another, but how would you refute that?

    1. Jim says:

      I’ve discussed this before, but again:

      1. Look at it. It says he was born in the city of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii.
      2. Go look at all the images of it to see the appropriate certifying stamps and seals.
      3. Read the evidence I put up over here about the head of the certifying agency, personally verifying not only the certificate of live birth, but also the original birth certificate, and also verifying that yes, this means Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

      This whole “conspiracy” is wrapped up in a web of illogical connections of quasifactual statements. You have to evaluate each connection and each factual statement. Don’t accept at face value what you read from these people; they have a track record of dissembling and outright lies. Demand primary sources and strictly logical arguments. You don’t have to “refute” it. The “conspiracy” people have to affirm it, and they haven’t come even close.

      1. qs says:


        This is probably an issue for Hawaii more than it is the rest of the countries since they get to decide, but just for the sake of argument….

        Well why does Barack’s sister who was born in Indonesia have a Certificate Of Live Birth from Hawaii like Obama.

        1. Jim says:

          Does she? Was she? Show me. What does it say? That she was born in Honolulu?

          1. qs says:

            Well that was the criticism I was reading on one of the “Birther” websites. idk I’ll keep my eyes open for something on that, but maybe that’s bogus too.

          2. F.G. Fitzer says:

            Oooh. ooh! I read on a web site that the reason summer is hotter is that the Earth becomes less inflammable in winter. There’s the proof!

            Also, I read on one of the “Creationist” websites that the Earth is 6,000 years old. Evidence delivered!

      2. qs says:

        People have also brought attention to this:

        “Amended certificates of birth may be prepared and filed with the Department of Health, as provided by law, for 1) a person born in Hawaii who already has a birth certificate filed with the Department of Health or 2) a person born in a foreign country.”


        Essentially they think that the Certificate of Live Birth from Hawaii doesn’t mean you were actually born there.

  7. Lin Taylor says:

    The expense of the lawyers and how much time they’ve spent on these various “eligibility” lawsuits is irrelevant. I agree that a lot of the right-wing articles take the supposed “proof” past the limit of rationality and cling to points that have little bearing on the only issue of any import: the reason the lawyers are working on these cases at all. Even those who don’t align with the right should be curious.

    Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest and most rational theory is also most likely to be true. (I believe you may have used this particular technique against me on another article.) My question is this:

    Which makes the most sense?
    1) Obama appointed multiple law firms and attorneys who have, among other things, thus far prevented the release of documents that might disqualify him from the presidency.


    2) Obama appointed multiple law firms and attorneys who have, among other things, thus far prevented the release of documents that might confirm his eligibility for the presidency.

    I can’t hang around to banter today, but I trust you have a rational response.

    1. Jim says:

      There is no rational response to an irrational limitation of possibilities.

  8. qs says:

    Lou Dobbs claims Hawaii destroyed Obama birth certificate 8 years ago?

    Lou Dobbs claims Hawaii destroyed Obama birth certificate 8 years ago?

  9. qs says:

    Better link

    better link

  10. Cowboy says:


    Actually, Obama’s related legal fees related to hiding his birth certificate are on record at the FEC, and available on line.

    And GWB’s birth certificate is available to be viewed as part of his official records as Texas governor. Bush found no reason to spend millions of dollars to hide his birth certificate…

    1. Jim says:

      Really now. Then show me the link to the FEC record that shows Obama’s legal fees for hiding his birth certificate. Not just his legal fees overall for the campaign; obviously, for any presidential campaign legal fees are going to be huge. Show me the FEC record for Obama’s legal fees specifically for hiding his birth certificate. Because you clearly wouldn’t say it was there unless it was, right, so it just must be there.

  11. Rich says:

    These morons are the same kind of people that believe dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

  12. SactoDan says:

    It is silly to think that Obama spent a single red cent to hide his birth certificate if it doesn’t exist.

    1. Sam says:

      His mother was 18 when he was born. Why do you guys think she was jet setting all over the world with a baby in tow? In her own published papers she said she was right there in Hawaii when the President was born. All of her degrees are from American colleges. I don’t think there is any evidence his mother EVER been to Kenya.

  13. Sam says:

    Even if he did spend millions it would make sense to me. Every nut in America is probably trying to sue the man for something he already showed. PS…you guys don’t think the Clinton’s would have torpedoed Obama with this information during the primaries? If they couldn’t find anything then there is nothing to find.

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