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Congressional Democrats Continue Silence on Kangaroo Courts

On Friday, I noted that not one single member of the Democratic Party in either house of Congress had stuck his or her neck out to issue a statement criticizing President Obama’s decision to reinstate the separate-and-unequal system of military tribunal show trials created under George W. Bush. Although the scheme is profoundly unconstitutional and unjust, congressional Democrats haven’t criticized it. They’ve put partisan loyalty to their political party ahead of principle.

blind democratic donkeyTo be fair, when I looked, it was the same day that Obama had made his pronouncement about creating military tribunals. Perhaps the Democrats simply hadn’t had enough time to write their responses.

Today, I looked again. I searched the online offices of all the most celebrated “progressive” members of the House and Senate. Though they’ve had three days now to review, reflect upon and react to the military tribunal announcement, none of them have dared to challenge it. They’re not talking about it at all. They’re just pretending that it doesn’t exist, that they can’t see it at all.

The Democrats in Congress are now standing,shoulder to shoulder, with the President to support an authoritarian measure that Democrats widely opposed when it was George W. Bush who promoted it.

How does this qualify as the change we were promised during the election of 2008? All I see is a change of faces. The rotten policies begun under the Republicans remain the same.

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