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Start a Chapter of the Young Greens of America

Young Greens of AmericaAre you a committed progressive or liberal? Does neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party represent you in its policy behavior on torture, on warrantless surveillance, on discrimination, on the economy, or on environmental protection?

Are you 35 or younger and tired of watching the fogies run the show?

Consider joining the Young Greens of America and joining up with young Green Party members in your neck of the woods. If there isn’t a chapter of the Young Greens where you live, all you need to do is find two other young greenies and declare yourselves and you’ll have a party all to yourself.

One thought on “Start a Chapter of the Young Greens of America”

  1. Tom says:

    A lot of us “fogies” are sick and tired of the way the show’s been run too. Where do we go (to hell with the rest of the clowns)?

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