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Pelosi is Off The Table

You cover up my back, and I’ll cover up yours. You would think that’s how Republicans in Congress would see things when it comes to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi spent years protecting Republican George W. Bush from investigation and impeachment. It was Pelosi who took impeachment “off the table”. Why the Republicans aren’t more appreciative of that I don’t understand.

Well, Pelosi doesn’t have much cause for concern. The Democrats in Congress are more than happy to take any investigation against her off the table.

ron paul nancy pelosiEarlier today the House of Representatives took a role call vote on a motion to squash an investigation of Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of the widespread torture that took place under George W. Bush. 172 members of Congress voted in favor of an investigation of what Pelosi knew and when she knew it. Not a single Democrat was among them.

252 members of Congress voted against an investigation. Only 2 of those representatives were Republicans.

Oh hey – check this out! Ron Paul was one of the two Republicans who voted to squash the investigation of Pelosi. What did he do that for? Why is Ron Paul voting to protect Pelosi?

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