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Mancow Admits Waterboarding is Torture

Chicago’s right wing radio talk show personality Erich “Mancow” Muller had spoken out in public in favor of waterboarding. He didn’t think it was torture. The strength of his convictions was strong. He declared that he was willing to be waterboarded himself, to prove that it wasn’t torture.

This morning, Muller went through the test. He had it better than the prisoners waterboarded by the CIA and the U.S. military. He was allowed to stop the waterboarding when he couldn’t take it any more.

Muller lasted less than 10 seconds. Now that he’s experienced waterboarding himself, he says that it’s “absolutely torture”.

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5 thoughts on “Mancow Admits Waterboarding is Torture”

  1. Bassam says:

    why don,t you be fair and go threw spt.11th the same way, since you are so much concern about these cretures well being

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Bassam, I am amazed with the number of people who don’t understand this essential point: The greatest worry about torture is the way that it decays the quality of the nation that conducts the torture.

      I’m concerned for the people who have been tortured too, yes, but that’s a small concern, in comparison. A government that tortures people you don’t like can easily turn around and torture you as well. A government that tortures can only exist in a nation that does not value freedom.

  2. Bassam says:

    there are no qualitys of nation only for other nations to look at and judge.The quality i know for a nation is to protect its citicens no matter what

  3. J. Clifford says:

    So, you believe that the only value a nation can provide is security. I disagree. I actually believe in the value of the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights. I believe that the moral values, and the legal contract, represented in that document are worth protecting. I’m sorry you disagree, and regard the government as only an armed guard.

  4. ccdev says:

    Bassam, u said – “The quality i know for a nation is to protect its citizens no matter what”

    even if it means a ‘defender’ may have to travel to a foreign country and pilot a jetliner into one of it’s ‘attacker’s’ iconic buildings? does it mean you agree with what Osama did? Did u agree with what Hitler did to ‘protect it’s citizens’ from the waylaid influence of the jews? you must have a really skewed definition of the word ‘protect’.

    the conclusion is therefore, that you must be an idiot or a teenager with an uncontrollable itchy dick, or both.

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