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CafePress Management hands out Coupons to go with Pay Cuts

It’s the same school of management that passes out “Who Moved My Cheese?” to people being “let go” from their corporate jobs:

In the last week before CafePress makes drastic paycuts to shopkeepers who sell print-on-demand shirts, stickers and buttons, CafePress management has decided to hand out coupons.

The CafePress “offer” is for sellers to “Receive 20% off everything in your own shop*” when they buy their own merchandise. For a three day period, just before the pay cut goes into effect, shopkeepers have the privilege of buying their items from CafePress. The CafePress corporation’s own profit margins per item from shirts all the way down to stickers are above 100%, so even after cutting the price down 20% CafePress will still make a profit when shopkeepers get the special privilege of buying their own stuff.

Yes, take advantage of this “special offer!” to shovel more money into the CafePress corporate furnaces. Then get a pay cut from the same corporation. Next comes the part where you step up, bowl in hand, and say, “Please, sir, I want some more!”

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