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Cute Kitten Explains Torture Amendment 1157

Judging from a search of the newspapers and blog articles written over the last few days, only a very few people have figured out yet what Torture Amendment 1157 actually does – how it allows coverups of future acts of torture by the US military. It seems that almost no one has even heard of it at all.

It’s no accident that this nasty little piece of torture legislation hasn’t gotten more attention. It was designed that way. It was crafted and introduced on May 20th, passed the next day, and then America went off on a four-day weekend of fun and sun.

So you missed Torture Amendment 1157. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s not too late to educate yourself about it. The cute little kitten is here again to explain it to you, and to keep your attention as you learn, mew mew.

3 thoughts on “Cute Kitten Explains Torture Amendment 1157”

  1. Confused says:

    Someone left me a voice mail, and among other details said:
    “or you can order a puppy from our online store?”
    I’m sorry – WHAT?!
    You’re against torchure, but you sell puppies online? To whom, dog fighters? Please let me know I heard wrong, I seriously hope I AM WRONG


  2. J. Clifford says:

    Hm. We don’t telephone anybody to try to sell them things, and we don’t sell puppies.


    We are against torture, though.

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