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North Korea Is The New Swine Flu

Was it just last year that we were promised that we weren’t going to live under the politics of fear any more? All over the corporate-owned media, people are going into a heightened state of Homeland Insecurity about the Axis of Evil like it’s 2002 again.

They’re saying North Korea must be stopped, that it cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons, that its actions threaten global security. It’s true, to some extent.

But then again, all of those things are also true, to some extent, about the government of the United States of America. The government of the USA has acted to threaten global security. The government of the USA cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons. The government of the USA, to the extent that it continues on the path that it has, needs to be stopped.

But, we don’t need to stop the government of the USA through violence. We need to stop it through persuasion, long, dedicated efforts at persuasion. Just think how long the US government has held on to its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, refusing to give them up even after the supposed need for Mutually Assured Destruction was gone. Why should we expect more from the totalitarian government of North Korea?

I’m not saying that the US government is as negative as the government of North Korea. The government of North Korea is totally undemocratic, while the government of the USA is only somewhat undemocratic, though becoming more so.

The point is that what we despise in the current actions of North Korea has its parallel in our own nation. In fact, the nuclear nightmare scenarios some imagine coming from North Korea would have their historical roots right here in the USA.

It’s the United States that invented nuclear weapons in the first place, and if we’re worried about North Korea leaking secrets about how to build nuclear nations to other nations, it’s worth remembering that North Korea is only able to do so because those secrets originally leaked out of the United States.

Have we not conducted huge numbers of conspicuous tests of nuclear weapons? Have we not tested short range missiles, medium range missiles, and long range missiles?

Have we not made threats to drop nuclear bombs on other nations? We’re the only nation to have actually done it.

As disgustingly authoritarian and erratically belligerent as the government of North Korea is, North Korea has not gone to war against another nation in the last 50 years. The United States has – over and over again.

Yet, no one is applying the same standard to the United States. No one on those corporate-owned news outlets is calling for air strikes against the United States.

Nor should they. Nor should they call for attacks against North Korea.

North Korea is acting crazy because North Korea has learned that acting crazy is the only way it gets the kind of attention it wants. And so, here we are in the United States, rewarding North Korea again – by freaking out.

There is no easy solution to North Korea’s nuclear insanity, just as there has been no easy solution to the nuclear insanity of the United States. So, what do we do? We keep trying. We keep trying to talk to the North Koreans, and don’t play into their game of intimidation. We keep calm. We keep asking all nations, including our own, to disarm, and not to engage in acts of violence.

no new war in korea bumper sticker Above all else, we must not go to war. For one thing, we can’t go to war. Thanks to Barack Obama’s decision to keep Americans in Iraq with a slow withdrawal, and to add new American soldiers to the fighting in Afghanistan, we don’t have the sufficient military force for an invasion and occupation of North Korea. All we could do was bomb them, and hope that we could bomb their nuclear weapons before they could send a nuclear missile off to South Korea or Japan. There is no military solution. War won’t work.

So, let’s not travel down the path of hype that led us into Iraq. Let’s not get all swine flu about this. No new war in Korea – please.

5 thoughts on “North Korea Is The New Swine Flu”

  1. Klaaatu Nebulan says:

    So what happens should N. Korea use a Nuke against Its neighbors? More talk and appeasement? What happens should N. Korea use a nuke against the U.S.? Nothing?
    If you had a neighbor down the street who tortured his family and was making bombs and threatening to use them against you and your other neighbors, should no one step in and end the situation? Why no mention of the MILLIONS of innocent N. Korean people who starve and suffer under that regime? Do you have no sympathy for them?

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Klaatu, your comment makes no sense, and indicates that you haven’t actually read the article, given that:

      1. I note that the North Korean government is “disgustingly authoritarian and erratically belligerent”
      2. I don’t suggest doing nothing. I merely state that the US cannot launch an effective invasion and occupation of North Korea, and that such an invasion could well provoke North Korea into doing the very thing we don’t want it to do – launch a nuclear attack.

      A nuclear attack against Japan would certainly be terrible. How lucky we are that no one has ever launched a nuclear attack against Japan… except that someone has… twice… and it was the USA.

      Now, stop hyperventilating and think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you hit on the key point in this article. They are arming themselves for something and there is nothing that we can really do about it. If we attack they will definantly use what they have. If they use what they have someone will use it back. If that happens we can all stop crying about CO2 and greenhouse effect and global warming and starting crying about nuclear winter across the globe. I think the main difference between the US and N Korea is that N Korea doesnt care about people at all. They dont care who dies or how brutal death is. I have seen several misionaries go in and not be heard from again. Maybe sabar rattling is how they do politics to get attention but it hasnt worked. They arnt getting the attention they want. I wouldnt put it beyond N Korea to actually use one…
    I for one am worried about this, and have been for a number of years. I am also worried about them selling this. I believe we have already caught them trying to sell it to Syria

  3. John says:

    Your correct in some bizzard regards – but you are insane to think the USA is on the wrong side of the North Korean Conflict.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      I never said that I think that “the USA is on the wrong side of the North Korean Conflict”. You said I said that. So, who’s insane?

      What is this North Korean Conflict, anyway? Care to define it?

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