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Peace Spider Children's Tshirt

I love the story of Spider Man, the character of Spider Man, the style of Spider Man.

peace spider tshirtI don’t love the violence of Spider Man. I hate the vigilante attitude of Spider Man, and other superheroes, who take it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner – laws unto themselves. We don’t need superheroes who can protect us with their exceptionalism. We need to have a society with just laws and courts, and measured, accountable enforcement.

So, when it comes to dressing my kids, I’ve decided to skip over the Spider Man tshirts that are now popular among the young ones. I’ve also decided to skip over the made-in-China shirts that abuse great power with great irresponsibility.

My alternative: Peace Spider – an edgy arachnid who, rather than taking the law into his own hands, promotes nonviolence with a little orange peace sign on his back.

I know that my son, when he goes to school in this shirt, will be promoting a more peaceful message than the superheroes do. He’ll also have a design that none of the other kids in his school are likely to have. That’s definitely something I couldn’t find at Target or Wal-Mart. Peace Spider shirts are manufactured and printed in the USA, with no sweatshop labor involved.

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  1. qs says:

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    So maybe the U.S. is getting really involved with the refugee creating business now.

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