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Republican Party Continues War Against Contraception (H.R. 2458)

Let’s talk about fertilized eggs. Read up on the stages of human embryological development and you’ll see what a tiny, tiny thing a fertilized egg is. Read some more and you’ll figure out that many stages of development, over many days, must occur before an embryonic disc develops so much as a neural groove. You’ll learn that individual neurons don’t even begin to connect until the 10th week of gestation. You’ll learn that those embryonic neurons haven’t moved to their proper positions for cortical brain function until 20-24 weeks of gestation. Even then the structures of the brain aren’t set.

Read about the actuality of human embryonic development (in the brain and elsewhere) and you’ll begin to comprehend how very distant from cognizant babyhood a first-trimester embryo or even second-trimester fetus is. Read more and you’ll discover how far a fertilized egg is from either of those. Read about the “human rights from conception” policy ideas of even the so-called “moderate” Republicans like John McCain and you’ll realize that there isn’t a “moderate” gap between the image Republicans maintain of fertilized eggs as “babies” and scientific observations. The gap is huge.

The gap is consequential, and not only for fertilized eggs. The gap is consequential for young girls, who Republicans in their confusion would mandate carry their fertilized eggs to term. The gap is consequential for schools in America, some of which make contraception available to students. The gap is consequential for local communities that decide to set school policy in that fashion. In their confusion between a baby and a fertilized egg, Republicans are trying to take away the ability of communities and schools to decide how they will approach the issue of contraception, are trying to take away to the ability of communities and schools to offer young pregnant girls a choice.

H.R. 2458 is a bill introduced by Republican Representative Doug Lamborn and cosponsored by 43 House Republicans. It would punish schools choosing to make “post-coital contraception” (also known as the “Morning After Pill”) available by revoking all federal funding for those schools…

… because for Republicans, their desire to squelch the decisions of communities, schools and young girls regarding fertilized eggs is paramount.

14 thoughts on “Republican Party Continues War Against Contraception (H.R. 2458)”

  1. Mark says:

    I have never understood why people who are so anti-abortion are also so against the education and use of birth control methods. I would think that they would support anything that would decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies.

    Although medical studies of the matter are hard to come by, by some estimates, the percentage of fertilized human eggs that are lost naturally might be as high as 80%.
    Where is all of the grieving and outcry for all of these lost babies?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a also an extremly large gap between a catapilliar and a butterfly but both are alive. Just because something is growing doesnt negate the fact that it is alive. You are right it is of serious coniquence what happens.

  3. Mark says:

    A caterpillar is an independent organism that survives by breathing, feeding, and excreting all on its own. An embryo is totally dependent on another organism (its mother) for all of these basic functions. The relationship between a caterpillar and a butterfly is quite different than between an embryo and child.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so the idea is that only independ organisms count. Well heck, that throws out all kinds of animals that we can make extinct with no problems. The number of animals that require another animal to live on Earth is extreme. Heck, take trees away and all people die so really we arnt all that huma either. We dont breath on our own, something else has to make the air breathable for us. Thats a really poor argument. What about a baby kangaroo, is it real? It is born but then moves to the pouch and would die immediatly away from it?

  5. Mark says:

    You have missed my point entirely. I never said that an organism can exist without ecological relationships with other organisms. As for your baby kangaroo example, does it not feed, breath, and excrete? Embryos perform none of these activities.

    Even internal parasites (such as tapeworms) perform gas exchange, feed, and excrete. They even breed.

  6. qs says:

    Well the morning after pill is approved for 50 days so that kind of changes some of your arguments.

    1. Jim says:

      Even if that were true, which it isn’t for the purposes schools use, it wouldn’t change any of my arguments, considering what I wrote in this article about neuronal development of embryos.

      1. qs says:

        Ah whoops. I read too fast.

  7. Anonymous says:

    so when does a fetus become a baby?

    I guess the rule is feed breathe and excrete. This means while in surgery you lose human status. This means Christopher Reeves was not a human. Heck, if thats true we should just kill those ‘nonpeople’ they cost way to much money to keep around and they have no value. they arnt real people, get over it folks…

    1. Hoiman says:

      No, the rule is not feed, breathe and excrete, Anonymous. You’re setting that up as an easy little tool for you to play with. Not to mention, your warped little logic assumes that people, once they’ve gone through birth again, and grown up to adulthood, can become fetuses in a womb again. Pathetic.

      1. Anonymous says:

        not sure what adults going into wombs has to do with anything…

  8. Anonymous says:

    So its pathetic that I value life? You wont even define it for real, thats the pathetic part. No body who believes that abortion is ok will set down and tell me exactly what qualifies as life. They know that by defining the argument always falls apart. As far as eat breath crap that was an arguement used earlier. I understand that now that fell apart it has to be added on to…

    1. Hoiman says:

      Life is easy to define. But, Anonymous, you kill things that are alive all the time. The trouble is that you’re choosing narrow little definitions of what must be cherished, in order to carve out a moral path that looks easy.

      Adults becoming fetuses again, this crazy concept you came up with, is what adults going back into wombs is about, Anonymous.

  9. Anonymous says:

    still not following you… didnt mention adults God rebirth born again or anything else. get off your soap box and discuss what is related in this topic. pick the apropriate blog if something else is on your mind

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