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Who’s the Liar on Photos: Major General Taguba or President Obama?

“I want to emphasize that these photos that were requested in this case are not particularly sensational.” — President Barack Obama, May 2009

“These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency…. The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it.” — Major General Antonio Taguba, May 2009

It doesn’t appear that both of these statements can be true. So who’s the liar?

UPDATE, 5/30/2009: It turns out that the answer, narrowly, is “neither.”

Notice that President Obama refers to “these photos” as not being “particularly sensational.” He is referring to only the 44 photos the ACLU is suing to have released. There are thousands of other photos, photos which apparently do show all the things Taguba describes.

Taguba has now said he was referring to a different set of photographs than the photos Obama is attempting to supress in the ACLU case.

But attend carefully to what is and is not being said. This does not mean that Obama is not trying to suppress thousands of other photos. It only means that the 44 photos in the particular ACLU case may not, if Barack Obama is telling the truth, be “particularly sensational.” It would mean that the “particularly sensational photos” are of a different set.

3 thoughts on “Who’s the Liar on Photos: Major General Taguba or President Obama?”

  1. qs says:

    Maybe this is part of the fight against Magog and Gog.

  2. Tom says:

    So by keeping the photos (some of which have already been leaked in Australia and can be found on the net) out of our view, that somehow makes it like it didn’t happen? What kind of childish bullshit is that? It’s not like Obama was in the photos, so what’s the problem? Oh, right we put our troops at risk.

    Yeah, like the lack of parts for their death machines, poor electrical wiring by our buddies at Halliburton, being told to stay there WAY beyond the normal tour of duty, poor planning and fuzzy mission statements, and an enemy that looks like everyone else in the country they’re in isn’t enough of a risk. Besides that, the insurgents target them EVERY DAY.

  3. SSG(R) Henrickson says:

    If anyone is questioning General Taguba’s integrety this man is the most truthful and upstanding man I have ever met in uniform. I have Known General Taguba since he was a Major. He was my Battalion Commander in Korea (1st Tank). No one should question his character or honor. It was an honor to serve with such an outstanding officer.

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