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Why is Ron Paul Federalizing School Contraception Policy?

“social conservatives… are better to leave the legislative remedies for important social issues at the level where they constitutionally belong, namely at the discretion of state and local officials.”

Ron Paul, November 2008

“our founders never intended for social policy to be decided at the federal level…The notion that an all-powerful, centralized state should provide monolithic solutions to the ethical dilemmas of our times is not only misguided, but also contrary to our Constitution. Remember, federalism was established to allow decentralized, local decision-making by states. Today, however, we seek a federal solution for every perceived societal ill, ignoring constitutional limits on federal power. The result is a federal state that increasingly makes all-or-nothing decisions that alienate large segments of the population…. Surely people on both sides of the abortion debate realize that it’s far easier to influence government at the state and local level. The federalization of social issues, originally championed by the left but now embraced by conservatives, simply has prevented the 50 states from enacting laws that more closely reflect the views of their citizens. Once we accepted the federalization of abortion law under Roe, we lost the ability to apply local community standards to ethical issues.”

Ron Paul, January 2006

Cosponsor of H.R. 2458, a bill that maintains federal funding for local schools that don’t distribute post-coital contraception but revokes federal funding for local schools that do make post-coital contraception available. The effect: to push a federal standard onto local communities.

Ron Paul, May 2009

9 comments to Why is Ron Paul Federalizing School Contraception Policy?

  • qs

    Well he also wants to defund the Department of education. Since he’s against abortion, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t want Federal tax dollars going towards it.

  • qs

    Well since the embryo hasn’t implanted it’s not an abortion technically if you take it the day after.

    Of course the RU486 can be used up to 50 days so it depends on when you’re using it.

  • qs

    You know, I feel as if I’m the one constantly talking about Ron Paul on this site, but really I think you guys are the ones who constantly have posts about him.

    • Constantly? Come on, qs. Go back and count. How many days since we’ve mentioned Ron Paul?

      I think it’s because you’re supersensitive to Ron Paul that you see him wherever you go.

      • qs

        Didn’t you just have a couple posts about him? Woods mentioned him a post or so back. Jim posts about him.

        I don’t recall you posting about too many other republican congressman of interest.

  • Tom

    Over here in PA, Sestak is going to run against Specter next election, so Specter (the newly found democrat) might want to start voting more progressively on health care, the Employee Free Choice Act, etc. and get off the corporate crusade, or he’ll probably find himself retired.

  • Chris

    Os there anything else in the bill? I mean RP has a steady record of wanting to remove all federal influence from schools, which I think is a good thing.

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