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90 Days Without a Response from Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy. How Long is Too Long?

It’s now been 90 days since a letter arrived at the office of my representative in the House, Mary Jo Kilroy. In that letter, I asked for something plain and simple: Rep. Kilroy’s position on the FISA Amendments Act. I’d raised the issue last year in personal conversation with her at a campaign event, and she told me she’d review the legislation, which was perhaps the most prominent new law of 2008 and which is directly relevant to her responsibilities as a member of the House Homeland Security committee.

In 90 days, I haven’t received a word in response from Rep. Kilroy.

My personal reaction is that on such a currently salient policy matter as warrantless surveillance, I shouldn’t have to wait this long — and longer — for an indication of my representative’s policy position.

But maybe I’m just being too stingy. So let me throw the question out to you:

How long is too long for a constituent to wait to get their member of Congress to indicate their position on a bill? How long would you wait before you said, “Well, hey now. That’s just plain ridiculous!”???

One thought on “90 Days Without a Response from Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy. How Long is Too Long?”

  1. Tom says:

    What part of “your government no longer works for you” don’t you get? “A constituent” and “their member of Congress” are now laughable terms to these corporate owned drones. Why don’t you show up in person and watch how she dodges you, beats around the bush (in more ways than one) and fails to answer your (legitimate) question? You should be painfully aware by now that your vaunted democracy is a complete sham.

    On another note, look into the case against Shell in N.Y.

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