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A Potato Recession

Last year, I was full of potato exuberance. I looked at potatoes as an alternative form of investment, yielding great returns. And, last year, that was true.

This year, however, I cannot honestly give that kind of positive potato report. For some reason, in just its second season, my potato patch has gone into recession. Out of 24 potato parts planted last year, only one has sprouted. Yesterday, where I expected mounds of potato plants by now, I’ve planted zucchini seeds, to occupy the space.

It’s a reminder for me that, in gardening as much as in other aspects of life, humble expectations are more likely to be met than grand predictions of profit. There’s a good reason that, a few generations ago, huge numbers of people stopped working the land. It’s hard work, and quite often, crops fail.

One thought on “A Potato Recession”

  1. Tom says:

    The trend will reverse itself over the next decade as living becomes ever-more hard, prices on food continue to rise (due to fuel costs in distribution, and looking further out, climate change impacts growing conditions causing scarcity and therefore demand to rise), and necessity demands everyone “grow their own” to survive.

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