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Photo Proves Obama Birth Certificate Was Faked!

Almost a month ago now, I reported on the discovery of a photograph that proves Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Still, the mainstream media has not reported on the photograph. It seems that there is a conspiracy to pretend the evidence does not exist.

Yet, huge numbers of independent thinking Americans have come to view the photograph of baby Barack Obama in Kenya, and we refuse to take it down, no matter how much silent pressure the Council on Foreign Relations and the Project for a New American Century exert. We will not give in.

lenin stalin barack obama meccaFranz Dexter, who is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, and the International Information Systems Forensics Association, was looking for Barack Obama’s original Certificate of Live Birth when he came across a photograph in the files of the same office in Honolulu where that COLB is kept. This photograph appeared to have an indentation on it made by a paperclip – one that matches exactly the size and orientation of a similar mark on the Obama Certificate of Live Birth. Yet, the photograph had been placed in a separate filing cabinet. Why?

The photograph, shown here, provides indisputable evidence that Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, was working with high officials in the Communist Party to conceal the truth about her son’s birth. Vladimir Lenin is shown, studying a Communist monkeywrenching document with instructions about how to fake a Hawaiian birth certificate. In the background, we can see Ann Dunham sitting with the infant Barack Obama on her lap. And who is that waiting with Dunham? Why, it’s Josef Stalin, looking every bit the proud father.

So, it appears that Barack Obama’s real name is Barack Stalin! It also becomes plain that, from the start, baby Barack Hussein Stalin was at the center of an international conspiracy to place him at the center of power in the United States, to promote a Communist agenda. This plan required Barack Obama to be born in Hawaii. No wonder so much evidence of this forgery has been covered up!

But, if Barack Obama was not really born in Hawaii, where was he born? More evidence in this regard is shown in this photograph. First, in the background, we see a road sign written in Arabic. If you know how to read Arabic, as I do, you’ll see that this is a road sign to Mecca.

Now, look back over to Ann Dunham. You’ll see that she seems to be wearing a modest dark head scarf, as would be typical of a Muslim woman. Josef Stalin grew up in Georgia, a place that is home to many Muslim Azeris, so it’s entirely plausible that he was raised Muslim himself. As we know, if a baby boy has a Muslim father, he is born Muslim, and can never stop being a Muslim.

So, this photograph not only contains evidence of the forgery of Obama’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, it also indicates that Obama was born in Kenya as Obama’s mother was on the Hajj, the Muslim holy pilgrimage to Mecca. This supports what we’ve always suspected: That Soviet Communism and Islamofascism are, historically, one and the same. That makes Obama an Al Quaida agent, and as a baby, he would have been in Saudi Arabia at about the same time as Osama Bin Laden.

Now it all begins to make sense, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Photo Proves Obama Birth Certificate Was Faked!”

  1. Marie Devine says:

    All that is unnecessary if the information in my website is examined. It is easy to see it deals with facts easily investigated by proper channels.

    The charges and evidences against Barack Obama are on my website, court style:

    A copy was sent to Barack Obama and US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Both were sent about 2-11-09. Barack Obama clearly thinks he has something to hide.

    Email the president that you want this controversy ended,

  2. le pelerin says:

    Old news! Barack was born in Kenya and a few days later ended up in Hawaii with his mom. She evidently timed the delivry of Barack a little late. Ah well, mom’s American.

  3. George B says:

    obama is as fake as his birth certificate. This means we don’t have to listen or abide by anything he says, because he’s a fake and a fraud

    1. Jim says:

      Pardon? No, see, your logic is not parallel. If Obama is as fake as his birth certificate, then that would imply he is not fake. I’m confused. Try again…

  4. Patrick says:

    Greetings thinkers ! The forgery and analysis I thought was on this Atlas site..but can’t find the thorough and legit one (about 30 pgs worth to be excellent in analysis !..albeit, such is a big deal ,however nothing in comparisn with the DNA facts… any casual look at hundreds of photographs of Algerians and Morroccans.. simply reveal.. not that he has lineage from Kenya types (today all kinds) ,nor Ethiopian, but, rather going West (not Tunisian ) any dull entity can see for them selves he is not Negroid but clearly ‘indistinquishable’ from thousands who look exactly as he does today (wife Negroid.. he is not.. ..)anyone can learn that easily for them- selves, via a simple look-see with the available photos !!)(don’t have to trust science ..i.e. DnA sequencing … or, Anthropology.. trust yer eyes !!) how can so many elect to believe the concocted rubbish… hey, we have the first Arab-American in the White HOuse… but maybe the yuppies just don’t care.. but the BLacks WILL !!!!! Will there be riots ?

    1. Jim says:

      Oh, lovely. So now we’ve progressed to this: don’t trust science, Barack Obama’s father is not Obama Sr. because our president doesn’t “look Negroid.”… and now our president is illegitimate unless he undergoes a DNA test?

      Folks, we all know from high school psychology that there’s this thing called cognitive dissonance. People like Patrick started off with the conviction that someone like Barack Obama (a “Negroid?”) could not possibly legitimately be a president. Unwilling to ditch this conviction, yet presented with his Inauguration, they’ve concluded that he can’t really be President because, because… and they look around for whatever they can scrounge up, trim the edges off of and put together with scotch tape to appear to be evidence that… what? That Barack Obama, named after Obama Sr., was part of a conspiracy from his birth back when segregation was just ending, a conspiracy to become the first Arab president by hiding his true father, which you can tell must be true by looking at photographs of “Negroids” and Tunisians?

      Patrick, we know you’ve been down a long, long road, accepting ever-odder claims and unsubstantiated “facts” and “analyses” by people making logical long jumps, all so you don’t have to ditch your conviction that someone like Barack Obama just couldn’t be President. But at some point — and hey, spending hours looking at photographs of “Negroids” and Tunisians is a pretty good point — you’re going to have to let go of that conviction and face observable reality. Either that, or you’re going to have a coronary from the effort.

  5. Oracle Jones says:

    It seems it IS possible to be born in one place, yet be documented being born in another. Can someone explain how a person born in China winds up holding a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth?


    Sun Yat-sen (12 November 1866 or 24 November 1870 – 12 March 1925)

    Sun Yat-sen was born on 12 November 1866 to a peasant family in the village of Cuiheng, Xiangshan county, Guangzhou prefecture, Guangdong province (26 km or 16 miles north of Macau). The latter claim is likely to be correct, as the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth was issued based on Sun’s typewritten testimony, rather than on any documentation from witnesses….

    After receiving a few years of local school, at age thirteen, Sun went to live with his elder brother, Sun Mei, in Honolulu. Sun Mei, who was fifteen years Sun Yat-sen’s senior, had emigrated to Hawaii as a laborer and had become a prosperous merchant.

    The certificate:

    A portion of the certificate reads: “……And it appears from his affidavit and the evidence submitted by witnesses that he was born in the Hawaiian Islands on the 24th day of November A.D. 1870…”

    1. Jim says:

      Um, yeah. Here’s my explanation: it was 1866.

      That was before the 20th Century effort to regularize and regulate birth certificates. Before World War I and to some extent World War II, birth certificates were much less rigorously created, controlled and checked. My wife’s grandfather ran away from home to live on the trains when he was a teenager, and to cover his tracks he took an eraser to the part of the birth certificate containing his original name and, using a typewriter, gave himself a new name. Voila! For the next six decades, until he reconciled with his birth family, he was to everyone who knew him and to his government the person of the new name. You could do that back then, because the system of checks wasn’t rigorous. In the time and place of my father’s youth in the foothills of the Rockies, many children were born outside of hospitals and some didn’t get their birth certificates until years later.

      But hey, what am I doing? I’m speaking to a photocopier. This exact text is being cut and pasted around the internet by walking Xeroxes like yourself.

  6. skeptic no more says:

    hmm lets see the first commercially produced typewriter first appeared in very limited quantities in 1870 so how was the original birth certificate produced?

    1. Jim says:

      It was natural-born, the child of a printing press and a loom.

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