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Greens in Portland Don't Give Up

Is the Green Party done with? Some might say so, focusing on conflicts between different factions when it came to last year’s presidential campaign. However, such conflicts are an inherent, important part of democracy. Take a look around this year, and you’ll see that on the most important practical level, the Green Party is very much alive. All across the United States, candidates are running for public office as members of the Green Party.

In Portland, Maine alone, three Green Party members are running for seats on the City Charter Commission this year: Ben Chipman, Dan Jenkins, and Anna Trevorrow. They’re running as Greens because they believe that the ideals of the Greens are worth more than just a flash in the pan effort for change. Those ideals are:

– Grassroots Democracy
– Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
– Ecological Wisdom
– Non-violence
– Decentralization
– Community-based economics and economic justice
– Feminism and gender equity
– Respect for diversity
– Personal and global responsibility
– Future focus and sustainability

(Thanks to Green Party Watch for taking note of these candidates’ efforts)

One thought on “Greens in Portland Don't Give Up”

  1. Tom says:

    atta way people! (golf clap)

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