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Judge Dismisses Efforts To Stop Spying Because Of Obama Inaction

It was an easy piece of news to miss this week: U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker threw out about 30 civil liberties lawsuits by Americans attempting to stop the government from engaging in Big Brother surveillance of Americans within US borders. Judge Walker moved to dismiss the cases because of the FISA Amendments Act, which authorized physical and electronic searches of Americans homes, offices, personal accounts and communications – all without any search warrant.

obama holds total information awarenessLast year, Senator Barack Obama voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Act, which also gave retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications corporations that had broken the law by giving the Bush White House private information about millions of Americans’ personal communications. Obama had promised to vote against the law, but as we’ve learned since, Obama doesn’t place much value in sticking to his promises.

Senator Obama said it was okay, because when he became President, he would reform the Big Brother government spying program that the FISA Amendments Act legitimized.

Well, he’s President Obama now. Where are the reforms? There haven’t been any. Big Brother goes on, spying against huge amounts of communications involving Americans not even suspected any crime, under Obama just as under Bush. Another broken promise.

President Obama is doing what Senator Obama said he would never do. He’s invoking the claim that, as President, he has the right to deny the rights of any citizen in any court in the land, merely by asserting, without evidence, that “state secrets” are somehow involved. Yes, that’s another broken Obama promise.

Why doesn’t Barack Obama just save us time, and stop making promises? There’s no reason to believe them any more. At the very least, Obama could use his own unique spelling, to let people know that he’s not making a promise, but rather is making a Promiss (TM).

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