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National Applications Office Focus of Spy Battle

The National Applications Office is an awful lot more interesting than it sounds. It’s not an office to deal with people applying for jobs with the Federal Government. It’s not a patent office for sticky inventions. It’s not a workplace safety evaluation agency within OSHA. The National Applications Office is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security that coordinates the use of military spy satellites to conduct surveillance against Americans, within the borders of the USA, without any search warrant.

obama spy satelliteWe first took note of the move toward this office way back in the summer of 2007. When most Americans were too busy enjoying the beach to notice, Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell announced that the powers of the Protect America Act, which had just been passed into law by Congress, would be used to redirect military spy satellites put into space to watch over the Soviet Union. Now, the satellites would be watching Americans, and sharing information about the activities of Americans with state and local law enforcement, to be used in investigations and prosecutions. The kicker: The spying would all take place without any search warrant to establish probable cause for suspicion.

In 2008, the FISA Amendments Act was passed, extending and expanding the unconstitutional powers of unreasonable search and seizure created under the Protect America Act. As a United States Senator, Barack Obama voted for the law, enabling satellite spying against Americans to continue. Now, with Obama as President, George W. Bush’s plans for the National Applications Office are going ahead at full pace. Obama seems rather fond of having a Big Brother eye in the sky, watching you. There are indications that satellite spying, through the National Applications Office and beyond, include massive warrantless wiretapping of Americans’ private emails and telephone calls.

Members of Congress who have been briefed on the activities of the National Applications Office have expressed grave concerns that it will be abused, and have voiced protests in the past, but Congress has provided enough funding to get the National Applications Office up and running anyway.

Thursday evening, that posture changed. Representative Jane Harman introduced H.R. 2703 and H.R. 2704, which would completely defund and stop the operations of the National Applications Office. Representative Harman is a particularly interesting person to sponsor this legislation, given that she has herself been the target of, and yet a defender of, warrantless surveillance by the Executive’s intelligence agencies.

There seems to be a lot more going on with this issue, and the personalities involved, than what we can see at first glance. I’ll be keeping an eye on both of Harman’s bills, and Harman herself, looking for the next move in this two-year struggle over satellite spying.

6 thoughts on “National Applications Office Focus of Spy Battle”

  1. Tom says:

    Spying on the American sheeple is in general a huge waste of manpower, time, resources and money, which could be better allocated to help citizens with a myriad of troubles.

    The federal government is so inefficient and backward thinking it’s a wonder they accomplish anything at all.

  2. NEWO NATAL says:


  3. David Frank Salzl says:

    I’ve been under pulsed microwave satellite surveillance since the summer of 2003.This surveillance has an electronic harassment element to it and goes on 24/7. The dirtballs that participate in this surveillance program are part of a neo-nazi gardening club for men who specialize in planting tulips around penis’s. They are apparently a group of republicans who can’t go out and get real jobs and be productive members of society. They fabricated some false information that I was cooking meth in my basement to justify me being under this surveillance. I’m 47 years old and don’t posess any knowledge of the chemical process to manufacture meth but the Stearns County Sheriffs Dept. is ran by organized crime.
    David F. Salzl
    P.O.Box 201
    South Haven,MN 55382

    1. jman says:

      hey im dealing with the same thing someone is broadcasting my thoughts and trying to control me with technology alot of people would’nt beleave is out there I know a guys name that has this technology some how he got a hold of it really they can control thoughts action if your not aware and emotions they can also move things some how really i have only seen them move things once or twice for sure it was just a pool ball when i was playing and they moved it about 3 to five inches with i think to be microwave impulse energy well anyways good luck this guy doing this to me claims to be a mafia member do you wanna know his name and the family he works for get a hold of me i have done a little research includeing address for the guy see ya around

      1. Jim says:

        Well, jman, I don’t know about the pool ball guy, but fortunately the National Applications Office was shut down.

  4. Matt Lowther says:

    I have been under satellite surveillance for 3 yrs now. National Applications Office only changed their name.

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