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Stores Prepare for New Apple iPhone's High-Momentum Impact

Reinforcing an Apple Store with Plywood in Anticipation of High-Impact Arrival of stronger, faster iPhone, hitting Apple Stores on June 19 with maximum impact

CNN Headline: Stronger, faster iPhone 3GS will hit stores June 19

Be prepared: candles, extra water, an an emergency radio and two days’ supply of food are advisable if you live in close proximity to your community’s Apple Store. Experts advise cracking a window open to allow for equalization of air pressure as the new, stronger, faster iPhones pass by.

6 comments to Stores Prepare for New Apple iPhone's High-Momentum Impact

  • Tom

    Very amusing, gave me a chuckle.

    p’raps a shot of one of the new ghost malls would have provided more realistic background for the announcement: cavernous expanse of stores, empty but for the lone mall attendant sweeping up way off in the distance.

  • qs

    I like apple. I bought my first laptop mac around 2005-2005 when they started using intel chips and made boot camp available. I’ve been pretty satisfied with it.

    I’ve never messed with those iphones though.

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