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Hey You, Boycott CafePress Marketplace! By You, I Mean Not Me

SmartAssProducts writes an online article “Boycott the CafePress Marketplace”:

CafePress recently instituted a change in their pricing policy, and as a result its shopkeepers–the people who do all the work as far as coming up with designs, putting the designs on products, etc.–are going broke….

This is an unconscionable act on the part of CafePress and they should truly be ashamed of themselves. They’re screwing the very people who made CafePress the success that it is today.

Please boycott the CafePress marketplace.

A search for SmartAssProducts on the CafePress marketplace today shows “244 Smartassproducts designs available on 1,650 products.” And yep, I checked: they’re the same designs SmartAssProducts advertises on its websiite.

The imperative “Boycott the CafePress Marketplace” is missing the implied “You” which does not include the writer’s “Me.”

By the way, we at Irregular Times have withdrawn from the CafePress Marketplace, not just because the Marketplace is bad for graphic designers but also because it’s bad for customers. We encourage you to do the same. “You” means designers, too.

9 thoughts on “Hey You, Boycott CafePress Marketplace! By You, I Mean Not Me”

  1. Rude Retro says:

    Nice catch. What a hypocrite! I’m still on the fence about whether to opt our or not.

  2. friendlyspirit says:

    Several shopkeepers have reported that although they’ve closed their shops after removing their graphics, their products still remain for sale in the marketplace.

    Also, several of us are in the process of removing our products as we open new shops. Some of us (well, me) rely on CP income as real income… to pull out without setting up shop elsewhere is financial suicide. I’ll take their sickening pittance until I can get myself out of there so my family can eat although we’re down from tuna fish now to dog food, thank you kindly CP.

    Let’s try and find all the facts and be supportive of each other. Getting screwed by CP is bad enough, let’s not screw each other too.

    1. Jim says:

      Ok, let’s try to find all the facts. What have I written that isn’t factual?

      I’m just not supportive of someone saying other people should do something when they don’t do it themselves. Withdrawing from the marketplace takes two minutes. If you’ve done the work of linking from an external website, as SmartAssProducts already has, there’s no reason not to do so if you believe what SmartAssProducts says, unless you’re not serious about it.

  3. SmartAssProducts says:

    Thanks for calling me a hypocrite. For your information there used to be around TEN THOUSAND of our products in the CafePress marketplace; it’s not our fault that they’re still showing some of them. A correction would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jim says:

      Not a correction, but an update: now you’ve taken them down. Good for you.

      You’re welcome, by the way. 🙂

  4. DLR says:

    In spite of the fact that my sales have diminished by half this month (thanks to the new marketplace pricing scheme)… I’ve decided I’ll stay in and sell shirts like these, that say: “SCREW 10%”… Can’t believe CafePress actually let the design thru to sell… Grab on while you can!

  5. Gale says:

    It’s not altogether bad for customers. Some products cost much more, but others (like maternity tees) are being sold at what used to be Base Price. And then there’s lots of products that are no longer Barryfied in the marketplace that are more affordable.

    But I still may move most of my designs out because of the new terms of service changes you noted. Linked to your article on

    Nearly all my profits are from the marketplace though, and CafePress is the only POD I know of (except ArtsNow, which I just cleared out of for other reasons related to quality control) that sells maternity. I’ll probably leave a few of my best sellers in (which are also, ironically, not ones that are most “precious” to me as an artist…which is the other reason I’ll let them stay).

    Too late to decide tonight anyways.

    1. Jim says:

      Skreened mentioned in an interview a few months ago that they might be moving toward maternity clothing, so you might want to check in with them periodically on that.

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