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Didn't Drill Baby Drill Lose the Election?

Looking at the dirty business conducted by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee yesterday, it’s no surprise that the committee chair, Jeff Bingaman, decided to censor the normal live webcast of the committee. If Americans could have watched the servile catering to fossil fuel lobbyists by several of the committee’s Democrats, they might have questioned the narrative of the 2008 election, that the Democrats would bring hope and change to Washington D.C.

It wasn’t just the way that four Democratic senators on the committee – from inland states – joined with Republicans to pass an energy bill amendment to expand offshore drilling in waters near Florida’s tourist beaches. Democrats supported other amendments favoring the fossil fuel industry, and opposing environmental concerns, as well. They voted in a second amendment offering yet more oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and another amendment that creates a special loophole allowing the federal government to buy energy products from Canada’s tar sands – one of the dirtiest sources of energy on the planet. Currently, a law forbids the government from purchasing energy from sources that result in greenhouse gas emissions at a rate higher than ordinary petroleum. Yesterday, Senate Democrats on the energy committee helped to roll back that restriction.

Looking back to the 2008 election, I seem to remember that the Republicans, with their drill baby drill message of an America that hugs fossil fuels, lost. They lost the presidency. They lost seats in Congress. The old oil economy was rejected by voters, who supported candidates promising a new focus on sustainable energy.

Why, then, are the Democrats in Congress now acting like Republicans, and supporting dirty old energy interests? Do they really think voters won’t notice?

3 thoughts on “Didn't Drill Baby Drill Lose the Election?”

  1. clarence C says:

    Shut up will ya…we have been using the same ol method to get energy for years and its not as costly as obamas wind and earth method..duh when are you querky writers gonna quit with the lefty left tactics and start telling the real truth..its you above anyone else or anyhting else that is hurting the economy and the american people!!!!get a clue…were sick of you!!!

  2. Emmett says:

    Most polls show a majority of Americans favor off shore drilling. That’s not why Republicans lost the election. The presidency was lost because we had a choice between a liberal-light, (McCain) and a Socialist (Obama). With such lackluster candidates, the Republican base stayed home.

  3. Tom says:

    We all saw and experienced what 8 years of Republican rule was like and now we have the result – our country is broke, our reputation is gone, and we’re rapidly becoming a third world country due to the corruption, lying, cronyism, no-bid contracts, and ‘secret government’. Though we elected Obama (in a landslide), the changes aren’t coming as expected. His financial advisors are the same “players” who got us into this mess and are only looking out for Wall Street. Instead of getting us out of the Middle East wars, he’s expanding them into Afghanistan and Pakistan. He hasn’t repealled “don’t ask, don’t tell” and he’s still allowing TORTURE on his watch (and protecting Bush/Cheney from prosecution). i don’t know what else he’ll do in the next 3 years, but this isn’t a good start, from a progressive perspective.

    The issue with drilling for more oil off-shore is (at least) two-fold:

    1. Do we continue to wreck the environment and deny global warming so that Big Oil can keep raking in record profits while humanity suffers the long-term, inevitable consequences? and

    2. When we now have the technology (rent & watch Who Killed the Electric Car?) to make almost every home a producer of electricity (at least enough to run part of their homes’ needs) through solar energy panels, why isn’t the government promoting this?

    Answering these questions honestly will open your eyes to the fact that “your government” isn’t working for you anymore.

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