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Free Republic Writings of James Von Brunn Available Here

Click here to read the writings of white supremacist shooter James Von Brunn on Free Republic, along with right-wing readers’ positive reaction to his writings. This is a mirror of the Google Cache of von Brunn’s writings, posted here for historical reference in light of Free Republic’s decision to taken the post down. Here’s what Free Republic replaced Von Brunn’s postings with as the news was coming out today that Von Brunn had shot multiple people at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC:

Free Republic Trying to Remove James Von Brunn Reference on June 10 2009

Free Republic is trying to shove von Brunn’s writings down the memory hole, but I don’t believe the Internet will oblige. Tip of the hat to Think Progress for noting the erased existence of von Brunn’s writings on Free Republic.

Von Brunn’s writings represent a typical reaction to cognitive dissonance between the belief that no black man could be president and the clear existence of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The psychological-rhetorical resolution James W. Von Brunn arrived at, along with thousands of other white supremacists: clearly, Barack Obama cannot be the real president! Everything else, including the wildest of fabrications, follows.

Fellow Free Republic readers (or “freepers,” as they’re known) enthusiastically ditto-headed James Von Brunn’s writings; a sampler from the mirror of his Obama Birth Certificate conspiracy writings:

“Just about everyone in the world ‘gets it’ except for our media and the sheep who voted for him.”

Seeing More Clearly Now:
“Shame on half the American public for allowing themselves to have their morality turned upside down and for allowing themselves to be dumbed down so badly. The half that can still think logically have a job ahead of them.”

“Those who voted for him, for the most part, were playing ‘affirmative action’ to promote a black guy to the presidency, reagrdless of eligibility or qualification. And the fifth column enemedia swept the little Chicago squirrel along to get their dream Marxist into office. Bastards”

“Awesome post!”


Grampa Dave:
“Excellent summary of the phantom oreo, who is about to become our president.”

Eye of Unk:
“Are we almost to the shooting stage yet?
Seriously even the dummies are starting to attack each other, I am prepared to hear of riots starting during the inauguration of disenchanted Obama followers, they are sure getting their wealth spread around, almost every single corporation now has its hand out for cash, like the movie of Steve Martin, the Jerk, after all he had and what he had to pay back it was $1 each.

Thats your check America, one dollar, maybe a small town can pitch it all together and buy a ring like Michelle’s!”

Not all of these people are shooters. But they’re all showing the same serious cognitive strain that results when you refuse to abandon your belief that a black man, even an “oreo,” cannot be president.

Update: Free Republic, undoubtedly seeing the public relations disaster in trying to hide the traces of writings there by James von Brunn, has restored the page featuring his writings. I’m maintaining the mirror, because who knows what Free Republic will decide to do next?

25 thoughts on “Free Republic Writings of James Von Brunn Available Here”

  1. qs says:

    HuffPost trumpets MIAC report as predicting this so the left will claim vindication against all anti-government groups because of this guy.

    The guy supposedly tried to kidnap a Federal Reserve official in the 80’s.
    So Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve got its 209th cosponsor today, but this guy won’t be helping him get those last 10 votes.

    1. Jim says:

      Your link doesn’t directly lead to any writing talking specifically about that report. Do you have another link to the specific page about which you’re writing?

      I distrust the Huffington Post because it is partisan: first, figure out who you agree with, then, figure out what makes that person look good, and so, agree with that. This guy’s ideas are wrong, and this guy’s a murderer. That doesn’t lead to the conclusion that people shouldn’t be allowed to express ideas that are wrong. Of course they should be allowed to do so; they have the right to do so. Indications are that throughout his boozy life, James Von Brunn was dangerous. Anybody who tries to silence talk, whether it be Free Republic or Huffington Post, is also dangerous. (and no, I am not equating the two. obviously there are different kinds of dangerousness.)

  2. Ava says:

    Mr. James Von Brunn has a point about the Jewish community stating how many millions (I believe 6 million) died in the Holocaust.

    I had Family in Former Yugoslavia and over 4 years there were approx 250,000 – 350,000 deaths ( depending on where you get your stats.) during the Genocide that happened there. In that situation there were photos.

    As far as Barack Obama goes America, we should have stayed with EXPERIENCE!! As they say to start ” ON THE JOB TRAINING!!” WHAT WAS EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA THINKING?? 2012 MAYBE but 2008 NOT

  3. keish says:

    Go back to school IDIOTS

  4. Ron Lewenberg says:

    You sir, are an ignorant twit. Why don’t you actually spend time on FreeRepublic?
    Von Brunn, like all Nazis and anti-Semites is not welcome on FR. That one of his pieces was cross posted from a Norwegian Site proves only that some Birthers are idiots and don’t do any actual research before posting. (Note the irony.)
    But to link Nazis, antisemites and “zelous anti-Zionists” to FreeRepublic is a joke. They are all banned within a few hours. This is more than I can say for Huffington Post, MyBarackObama, Democratic Underground, The Progressive and many more.

    So “Jim”, check the facts and then as an adult apologize.

    1. Jim says:

      You, sir, are embarrassed. You have no idea whether I read FreeRepublic regularly or not. I head over to all the time, which is how I know that you’re full of it. You don’t even have to read through the dozens of posts postulating that Barack Obama is the secret son of Malcolm X, or that this country should be placed under mandatory English Only ordinances, the debates over whether Obama is more of an oreo or a mulatto, the celebrations of bullying against gay kids (although I have) to know exactly where the crippled heart of lies. All you have to do is read the enthusiastic responses of “oreos” and “when does the shooting start” on that one thread to figure out how the people of FreeRepublic felt about the writings of James Von Brunn. The moderators knew just how bad it all looked, which is why they originally tried to hide the connection, before they figured out that they were too late.

  5. Ron Lewenberg says:

    Von Brunn was never a Freeper.
    At total on one of his pieces was cross posted.
    You have no facts jim, so stop pounding the table and be an adult.

    1. Jim says:

      I have a link to the enthusiastic reaction of the freepers to his writings, and any idiot who spends more than six hours on can attest to the various racial, sexual, nationalist tastes of those who frequent the site. I don’t have to make up anything.

      You’re talking about me “pounding the table” somehow, Ron. I’m just linking to what is very clearly there, no pounding of anything. Not even a smacking of the forehead. I mean, gee, Ron, you’re the one who seems upset.

  6. Ron Lewenberg says:

    Of course I’m upset. I’m being falsely categorized along with a Holocaust denier thanks to a title that is slanderous.
    People post the writings of many author’s including leftists, liberals, moderates… on FreeRepublic. I can find many pieces by EJ Dionne. Is his work also Free Republic writing? Is Dionne a “featured writer”?
    Heck, if posted an article written by you, Jimfrom, would be as associated to Free Republic as Von Brunn. I am certain that we agree on something, somewhere.

  7. Jim says:

    My, what a hissy fit. They’re writings. They’re writings of James von Brunn. They’re on Free Republic. It’s not slander. It’s rather interesting to me how lovingly his writing was accepted… is that what was so embarrassing to the moderators of Free Republic?

    If you posted an article written by me on Free Republic, the reception of that article by the members of Free Republic would be highly indicative of the character of those members. Writings like mine don’t get the big kissy from Free Republic. Writings of James Von Brunn did get the big kissy from Free Republic.

  8. Ron Lewenberg says:

    So if I poster your review of the IPhone and other Freepers liked it, would that make you a Freeper or would it make Freepers Progressives? Would it make Macs conservative?
    Guilt by association cannot legitimately be made by one incident. It is not even a good attempt at a fallacy.

    If someone posted your latest piece on Jane Harman on a White Nationalist or an Islamist website, I’m sure they would agree with you. So what does that prove? The answer, nothing.
    A single article posted without permission means nothing.

    1. Jim says:

      Lordy lordy, did I say James Von Brunn was a Freeper? You’re the one who’s harping on that. I’m focusing on freepers’ positive reactions and similar ways of thinking about Obama birth certificate issues as an example of resolving cognitive dissonance about the existence of Barack Obama as President. You surely are not going to deny that Free Republic is a particularly dense netting of Obama “birther” conspiracists, are you?

      This wasn’t a post by James Von Brunn about how much he liked Ritz Crackers or Grape Jelly or, to use your example, the new iPhone. It was a wild piece of political ranting containing demonstrably false information that the people at gobbled right up, adding their own comments about oreos and pictures of wild black women with big eyes saying You a Rasist and some guy asking when the shooting starts.

      I didn’t write the piece on Jane Harman; keep your authors straight. But no, freepers wouldn’t agree with that article. A huge majority of people who post comments at do not agree with the article that warrantless wiretapping is unconstitutional. Most would not agree with the assessment of the article that the FISA Amendments Act is an abuse of power. They would only agree with the most superficial conclusion of that article: that Jane Harman is a power-hungry, self-serving politician. It would be interesting to note that right-wingers and leftish-wingers could agree that a politician is crooked, but that’s about it.

      As for White Nationalists or Islamists, no, they’d have a different takes on it from us, clearly, since they would have different takes from each other on the central issue of warrantless wiretapping in the context of the “War on Terror” as applied to the targets of warrantless wiretapping.

      Now you just keep on setting up straw men, like I’m trying to call freepers guilty of holocaust museum shootings, to distract from the obvious affinity freepers felt for James Von Brunn’s writings and his wildly counterfactual approach to dealing with his cognitive dissonance at the election of a black man as president. Just keep on doing it if you like — it’s a handy indication of your discomfort.

  9. TGC says:

    “Free Republic is trying to shove von Brunn’s writings down the memory hole,”

    Sorry. You’ve merely copied the DUmmies or Think Propaganda. If you had bothered to look around, you would have easily found that many websites had removed pieces by or about him. Would you say that Wikipedia, for example, was shove stuff “down the memory hole”?

    If you like, I’ll be happy to provide you with racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, comments from the KOSholes, DUmmies and many other leftist websites.

    1. Jim says:

      You do realize what you’re saying, right? It’s not censorship because other people censor, too?

      What makes you think we don’t criticize Daily Kos and Democratic Underground? Poke around on this website and you’ll find harsh criticisms of both.

  10. sun0888 says:

    well, well, well, now conservatives are trying to compare free republic with other liberal websites. Very clever on their part, however, free republic is a hate-spewing website that is always attacking jews, and any other american who don’t agree with their policies.

    If it was up to these people americans who do not agree with their neo-political views should be strangled and eliminated.

    Conservatives got cought. All I say is keep listening to rush, hannity, beck and o-reilly. Keep listening!

    1. Jim says:

      Just the other night on FreeRepublic I read someone telling the “Fairies” that they’d better stop their same-sex marriage advocacy or they’d get lined up against the wall and shot.

  11. nob goblin says:

    You’re so right, Dim Jim. The other day a freeper posted a link to letterman talking about the statutory rape of Willow Palin. See, they support rape, too. Obvious ain’t it — ‘least by your standards. Bye for now. I’ve got to hit the freeway, which is so useful for getting elsewhere fast. Guess that means I must be an admirer of Hitler.

  12. Dread Cthulhu says:

    Actually, James, its not “censorship” because the government or some other agency with power didn’t force them to remove the content, i.e. they were not censored. They, like may others, freely chose to remove the content.

    Words mean things, James.

    1. Jim says:

      No, Cthulhu, words mean words! Things mean things!!! Get it right, dammit!!!!!! Aaaah! 😉

      Number 1, I was repeating TGC’s argument back to TGC as a way of representing the silliness of it.

      Number 2, there is a second meaning to the word “censorship” that has nothing to do with some government book burner. This second sense of censorship is self-censorship. See wikipedia’s discussion:

      Self-censorship is the act of censoring or classifying one’s own work (blog, book(s), film(s), or other means of expression), out of fear or deference to the sensibilities of others without an authority directly pressuring one to do so. Self-censorship is often practiced by film producers, film directors, publishers, news anchors, journalists, musicians, and other kinds of authors…. For example, the editor of a periodical may consciously or unconsciously avoid topics that will anger advertisers or a parent company in order to protect their livelihood.

      That sense of the word clearly fits here.

      1. TGC says:

        You do know the conspiracy you’re weaving here is absurd, don’t you?

        1. Jim says:

          Read closely. I’m not weaving a conspiracy. Perhaps you’re projecting your tendencies upon others.

  13. Kevin says:

    “The other day a freeper posted a link to letterman talking about the statutory rape of Willow Palin”

    err except that “knocked up” jokes are directed at Bristol not Willow. So what if she was at the game. do you think the letterman writers bothered to find out which one was there?

    The sex jokes work better directed towards the new spokesperson for abstinence…. just a comic slip if surrogate mother Willow was at the game. was she tending to Tripp? Or Trigg? Or Trick or whatever that other kid’s name is?

  14. nadia says:

    jim… u r an idiot. shut up and leave the jews alone.

  15. Amerika says:

    Jim, your liberal bias is showing.

    By the way, you want to see “spewing of hate speech” (cute, did you think that up?), go to Daily KOs, or DU. FreeRepublic at it’s worst can not compare to KOs on it’s best day when it comes to hate.

  16. Kevin says:

    Freepers are way worse… lots of half-baked ideas that verge on insane ranting…

    at DKOS… not so much. almost all posters try for reasoned arguments.

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