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Cloward for Congress in California

From the recent success of the Green Party in Maine, we hop on over to the Pacific Coast. In California, a special congressional election now seems certain. U.S. Representative Ellen Tauscher got kid gloves treatment in her confirmation hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week. She has been nominated to be the Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security in the State Department.

jeremy cloward for congressTauscher will resign her seat in Congress when she is formally confirmed by the Senate, and at that time, a date will be set for a special election to determine her replacement. Among the candidates for the seat is Jeremy Cloward, a member of the Green Party of California.

Cloward is clearly a strong liberal, matching the political values of California’s 10th congressional district. Cloward proposes expanding public education to include free, universally available day care. He supports full funding for education through graduate school. He calls for cuts in wasteful military spending, and nationalization of the auto industry and banks receiving bailout money. He also proposes a national living wage of 20 dollars per hour.

Cloward doesn’t offer just the typical ideas for nibbling around the edges of the status quo. Whether you agree with all his ideas, it’s clear that his candidacy is expanding the range of political debate, and that’s an achievement in itself.

2 thoughts on “Cloward for Congress in California”

  1. qs says:

    btw- I don’t think you should belittle Paul’s audit the Fed bill.

    They tried to get an audit the Fed bill in 1978. It had broad support so they let it pass, but the house leaders attached a bunch of exceptions on it at the very end so that it was worthless anyway.

    I think Kucinich is sponsoring a similar bill right now. His isn’t quite as good but it’s still a pretty good bill.

    If either pass, I think that would be a good thing.

  2. sp says:

    You say that his campaign matches the values of the 10th Congressional district. I highly doubt that those in his district are big supporters of reparations or of his ideas to limit salaries while raising the wages paid to employees to $20/hr. He doesn’t match the values, he’s too extreme.

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