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Greenland Melting Getting Worse, Faster

In spite of all the promises we heard last year about how the Democrats in Congress about how they would inaugurate a new generation of sustainable energy in order to fight the global climate change caused by the 20th Century’s fossil fuel economy, we’re getting new energy legislation that looks an awful lot like what Bush and Cheney were hoping for, with expanded offshore drilling and other dirty energy sources such as Canada’s tar sands.

There are real consequences to the Democrats’ assistance with the Republicans’ backwards energy policy. We’re seeing those consequences in places like Greenland. A study just published finds that the glaciers of Greenland are now melting at a rate even faster than previously believed.

8 thoughts on “Greenland Melting Getting Worse, Faster”

  1. Tom says:

    Astounding, isn’t it? The short-sightedness of our species will cause unsustainable living conditions for most of the life on the planet, but we keep doing it anyway . . .

  2. le pelerin says:

    Looks like Greenland will once again be green. It’s nature taking its natural course, seems to me.

  3. Louchin says:

    Why does it seem that way to you? What evidence do you have that this is associated with a natural process?

  4. le pelerin says:

    Because Greenland used to be green, not white, hence the name “Greenland”.

    1. Jacob says:

      Actually then name Greeland was a hoax my the Vikings… They named Iceland such because they wanted people to stay away and Greenland such to get people that way instead. At least thats my ubderstanding of it… They didnt like visitors much

      1. Jim says:

        Right you are, Jacob. Greenland has been icy for a long time, and it was a sales hoax (think “Zilwaukee”). But melt from Greenland is also on the increase.

  5. le pelerin says:

    I’ll look into that, thanks!

  6. Kevin says:

    also, there was a conflict between agricultural techniques used by the Vikings and what the land could handle. They arrived during a particuarly warm period, and were able to grow grain and have sheep graze in the meadows.
    That did not last.

    “In the centuries before the Little Ice Age, Norse explorers had ventured as far as North America and established colonies in Iceland and Greenland. With the onset of a colder climate, sea travel was impeded by the increase in sea ice. Contact between Scandinavia and these colonies was limited. Voyages to Greenland eventually stopped. Lacking supplies from Europe and faced with shorter growing seasons, the Greenland settlements disappeared by the early 1400s.”

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