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John Ensign's Great Mission In the Senate

Nevada’s U.S. Senator John Ensign, although he has been forced to admit to having an extramarital affair, declares that he will not resign from office. He has important work to do in the U.S. Senate, Ensign says.

john ensign land managementI wondered – what kind of work is it that motivates Ensign to remain in the Senate? So, I took a look at the legislation sponsored by Ensign this year, to get some idea of what he’s hanging on for, what makes it worth having his personal life detailed in the newspapers.

Here’s one item I could come up with on the Ensign agenda: Make sure the U.S. doesn’t do anything about the growing problems caused global warming. Ensign has fought against any legislation that would bring the USA away from 20th century energy technology, toward something more sustainable.

And then there’s another issue to which Ensign has shown himself to be especially dedicated: Land management. In March of this year, Senator Ensign introduced S.508, a law which would, if passed, direct the Bureau of Land Managment to transfer 115 acres of federally protected land to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Why transfer this land? So the Las Vegas Motor Speedway can build a new parking lot. This is where Ensign’s two great legislative agendas come together. That parking lot sure would keep those 115 acres of land managed, and it would help to encourage more people to get out on the road and burn some gasoline. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway would do its fair share, of course, by running race cars at highly inefficient speeds, spewing greenhouse gases all the more, helping to preserve the 20th century way of life, and staving off any efforts to deal with global warming.

So, you see, it’s really, really, really important that Senator John Ensign remain in the United States Senate.

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