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Congress Investigates Baseball But Not Bush

mother davisMother Davis wipes a piece of apple pie from her chin as she writes,

America’s priorities were exposed in their sorry superficiality in the reaction of Congress yesterday to the news that professional baseball player Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs six years ago. Edolphus Towns, chair of the House Government Oversight Committee, announced that he would consider initiating legal action against Sosa right away. Investigators working for the committee have already begun an inquiry.

Compare that to the speed with which H.R. 104, introduced by John Conyers has progressed. It’s been almost half a year now since the legislation, which would establish a a national commission on George W. Bush’s abuse of presidential powers, was introduced to the House of Representatives. Since that time, it has advanced not one bit. The House Judiciary’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties has been sitting on the Conyers bill the whole time, doing nothing about it.

Break the rules of baseball, and the Democrats in Congress will be on the job right away. Violate the Constitution, and the Democrats in Congress pretend nothing happened.

Imagine how it might be different if there was a true progressive majority in Congress, led by the Green Party, rather than the pseudo-progressive Democratic majority we have now.

Realizing she’s lost track of the score,
Mother Davis

5 comments to Congress Investigates Baseball But Not Bush

  • Anonymous

    this isnt about breaking the rules of baseball. This is about lying under oath to congress…

    • Yes, I understand what you’re saying, but it’s about lying under oath to Congress… about playing baseball.

      The President and Vice President of the United States were lying to just about everybody, and sent their aides to lie under oath to Congress… about committing grave crimes against the highest law in the land, undermining the foundations of American freedom.

      You think baseball’s more important than that?

      • Jim

        Mother, Mother… isn’t it time we moved forward, instead of looking to the past? Besides, any consideration of what Sammy Sosa has done will only depress national morale, so it’s best to cover it all up.

        • Jacob

          Its all a waste of time any ways. We all know that nothing will come of it. Several members of Congress will talk sternly and then move on. Its all a waste of tax payer money. Heck, just look at the several yahoos that have already walked this road. Palmerio is still free, Bonds is still free. Nothing ever happens. Congress has no teeth… They would also never go after Bush because I think obce heads start rolling on that one heads wont stop rolling for some time. The mere fact that nothing is being done about torture tells me that a lot of people in Congress knew it was happening. Once someone goes under the bus they are going to pull a lot of people with them. Congress is protecting there own fleshy backsides…

  • Tom

    Thus, the demise of democracy.

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