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Where is That End to the War in Iraq?

2 bombings in the last 24 hours have killed 100 people in Iraq. One of the bombings, in the north, killed about 80 people. The other, in the south, killed around 30. American soldiers are supposed to begin their withdrawal from Iraqi towns this month. With these bombings, and others like them, will this withdrawal still take place, or will American soldiers be told to stay, in order to preserve order?

It’s been six years since we were told that everything would be all wrapped up in a couple of months. It’s been two years since we were told that the surge was going to bring a political solution that would ensure a lasting end to the violence. Remember how we were told that a withdrawal before a surge would be bloody? Well, now we’re seeing that a withdrawal after a surge is bloody too.

So, what did the surge bring us that a simple withdrawal would not have brought? There are still extremists throughout Iraq – and many of them are in the American-approved, corrupt, theocratic government. There still is no political solution, and there still is no guarantee of freedom for Iraqis.

Years after the flowers were supposed to be raining down upon American soldiers, Iraq is still not liberated.

1 comment to Where is That End to the War in Iraq?

  • jharp

    “So, what did the surge bring us that a simple withdrawal would not have brought?”

    Another few hundred billion in debt, hundreds of dead soldiers, and tens of thousands more maimed.

    And not one damn bit of good.

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