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7 Democrats Join Paul Broun Head In the Sand Climate Amendment

We’re getting used to U.S. Representative Paul Broun promoting bizarre ideas, but a new amendment of his really takes the cake. Last week, Representative Broun offered an amendment to a commerce appropriations bill that would have forbidden any spending on a National Climate Service. The proposed National Climate Service will conduct research into climate change, but would have been stopped from doing so if Broun had his way.

It’s one thing to say that you don’t think that the available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that human-caused global climate change is taking place. You’d be wrong, but at least you’d be advancing a scientifically testable statement.

What Paul Broun has tried to do is much worse than that. Rather than try to argue that scientific evidence doesn’t support the idea of human-caused global climate change, Broun has simply tried to stop scientific research from taking place. His position on climate science is that the science itself ought to go away, because it keeps on interfering with his belief that human-caused climate change does not exist. It’s a position of willfull ignorance.

What’s even sadder than Paul Broun’s individual choice of ignorance in the face of crisis is that 160 other members of the U.S. House of Representatives chose to join Representative Broun in that choice. They voted for his amendment.

They weren’t all Republicans. Among them were the following 7 Democrats:

Dan Boren
Bobby Bright
Travis Childers
Nita Lowey
Walter Minnick
Harry Mitchell
Gene Taylor

The Democrats from these representatives’ districts would do well to rustle up some primary challengers for the 2010 election.

2 thoughts on “7 Democrats Join Paul Broun Head In the Sand Climate Amendment”

  1. Tom says:

    You keep supplying us with examples of how our disfunctional government works. By now anyone who has visited this site over the years can clearly take away the fact that our government really DOESN’T work for its citizens any longer (in any meaningful way). They keep eroding our rights, ignoring the Constitution, increasing taxation, cutting funding for, shelving, or completely ignoring what we continue to let them know we actually want (like single-payer, government sponsored affordable health care for example) while giving their blessing and funding (with our money) to corporate scams, fat-cat donors, and bailing our any corporation (but not homeowners), treat us all as criminals or terrorists (via spying on us), rob us of our tax money to pay for wars we don’t want and agencies that make life miserable (like the CIA).

    It’s too bad we can’t do anything about this and that we are so stupid as to keep paying taxes to this travesty and not heeding our founding fathers advise (IN THE CONSTITUTION) that we should overthrow such a government as this (it’s actually our duty to do so).

    1. Green Man says:

      Actually, I think that it’s our duty to PARTICIPATE in the government in order to change it. There is a lot that we can do, if we choose to do it. One of the main problems is that most Americans don’t inform themselves, and don’t participate. I supply the examples of problems in our government in the hopes that the information will provoke people into action, rather than pounding them down into apathy.

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