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Skeptics Face Freethinkers in Miniature Golf Challenge!

People have become used to publicity events in which Christians debate atheists. These contests are set up with the idea that the person who is able to make the most crowd-pleasing arguments will establish some sort of credibility for either religion or lack of religion. The debates haven’t actually settled the disagreement, however, but have served very well to give the people participating in the debates an opportunity to hear themselves speak.

Another sort of philosophical challenge is going on in Syracuse, New York this Wednesday as the Freethinkers of Upstate New York face off against the Central New York Skeptics… in a game of miniature golf. This contest should settle once and for all whether a skeptical outlook or a freethinking perspective on life makes a person better suited to push a ball with a stick so that it can evade the rotating blades of a model of a dutch windmill.

Isn’t that the ultimate foundation of all philosophical debates?

2 thoughts on “Skeptics Face Freethinkers in Miniature Golf Challenge!”

  1. steve says:

    will this ever become an olympic sport DOH

  2. Emil says:


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