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Anti-Torture Rallies Across the USA This Week

Torture is a moral issue, and the issue is not past. Despite revelations that American torture practices lasted seven years, that medical doctors participated in the torture, that it involved drowning one man 183 times, and that the major purpose of all this torture was to generate fabricated “evidence” to support an invasion of Iraq, despite all this, American government under President Barack Obama is not trying to uncover American torture practices. On the contrary, the Obama administration is engaged in vigorous efforts to cover it all up. Torture investigations? Off the table. Binyam Mohamed torture report? Quashed. Abu Ghraib torture photos? Stifled. CIA torture photos, and tapes, and transcripts? Hidden. State secrets powers for the President? Vigorously pursued. It’s not just the Obama administration, either. Congress is also acting to hide evidence of US government torture from you, to stall or stop any congressional investigations and to make legislative reform more difficult.

This is why activism on the issue of American torture by Americans is essential even though George W. Bush is out of office. This week, rallies, marches and other protect actions against torture are taking place across the country. Here’s a list of the actions I’m aware of; post a comment if you know of others.

Thursday, June 25

San Francisco, CA
Pasadena, CA
Tampa Bay, FL
Washington, D.C. March to the DOJ
Boston, MA at Harvard Square
Portland, OR
Bryn Mawr, PA
Salt Lake City, UT

Friday, June 26

San Jose, CA
Atlanta, GA

Saturday, June 27

Washington, DC: 24 Hours in front of the White House

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