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Climate Protest Arrests in US and UK

Back in February, I wrote about a protest taking place against a mountaintop removal coal mine that had begun to destroy Coal River Mountain in West Virginia. Yesterday, another protest took place there, this one with much more high profile support. Those taking part in the protest, and among the 32 protesters arrested, were scientist James Hansen and actress Daryl Hannah.

The mountaintop removal, with its frequent explosions and dumping of massive amounts of toxic materials, is taking place right next to a coal sludge reservoir. That coal sludge reservoir holds 2.8 billion gallons of toxic waste, and it’s sitting behind a dam above an elementary school. You may remember when a similar dam broke not far away, in Kingston, Tennessee, spreading a deep layer of coal sludge, with heavy metals throughout, across the countryside, several feet thick.

Across the Atlantic, there has been another energy protest today, in Nottingham, UK. This protest was also against police tactics used to squelch an earlier protest against dirty energy. Police had imprisoned 114 protesters without charging them with any crime, merely for showing up at a demonstration outside the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. The police claimed that there was the danger that the protesters might have intended to disrupt the power station’s operations.

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