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War Disasters, Continued

Did you think that, with the election of Barack Obama, you wouldn’t have to worry about the problems of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Think again.

George W. Bush is no longer President, but lots of people are still dying in Iraq. Today, a bombing of a marketplace in Baghdad has killed dozens.

In Afghanistan, torture is a problem that won’t die – it just continues to create suffering for those who value the truth. The BBC interviewed 27 former prisoners who had been held at the American military base in Bagram. 25 said that they had been tortured or abused.

Apparently, some of the torture photographs Barack Obama refuses to allow us to see were taken at the Bagram prison. Just what is Obama trying to cover up, and why? And why is it that Obama is refusing prisoners at Bagram even the basic right of habeas corpus? Why would Obama do that at a prison where torture is alleged to be rampant?

Keep in mind that the 27 Bagram prisoners who were interviewed by the BBC were never even charged with a crime. 25 people sampled by the BBC were tortured and abused by Americans, and weren’t even formally accused of any crime.

Why is Barack Obama helping to cover up these crimes?

6 thoughts on “War Disasters, Continued”

  1. qs says:

    I think the most underreported story is Hillary’s refugee creation program in Pakistan. 2-3 million and counting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I missed this interview but it’s really good.
    Charles Goyette Interviews Pat Buchanan
    Buchanan talks about how Scott McClennon thinks Bush and party cooked the books to get into the Iraq war.

  3. Tom says:

    Too bad these clowns (like Buchanan and the UK investigators) are only a few years too late to confront the obvious lies being foisted then on everyone by the Republican dominated government (with near complete Democratic complicity). Everyone was blogging about it, calling Congress, signing petitions back then – to deaf ears in Congress and especially the White House.

    Now Bush and Cheney are retired with (free) secret service protection, lucrative book deals, speaking engagements and the high life (FREE complete medical care) and all the other perpetrators have lucrative jobs in high places or teach at prestigious institutions of higher learning. REWARDED for starting a bogus war backed by outright LIES for oil resources and hegemony, causing misery, death and environmental damage while raiding the treasury of billions for their corporate sponsors. AND IT CONTINUES EVEN AFTER we elected what we thought was a progressive leader!!

    CHANGE?? WHAT FUCKIN’ CHANGE?? Now Obama’s complicit too!
    Are they all going to get blanket immunity from prosecution?
    What ever happened to the rule of law?

    The outcome of this will determine whether we remain a legitimate government or become a banana republic. The same basic problem with the same dire result is happening in finance and banking. The solution to both problems only work in one way – prosecution of the perpetrators of these FRAUDS or all bets are off and we proceed down the road to anarchy, insolvency and chaos.

    1. qs says:

      That’s not true. Buchanan has been against the war from day 1.

  4. qs says:

    Obama has agents infiltrating antiwar groups? Justin Raimondo article
    “Be that as it may, this incident throws the spotlight on a shadowy national network of domestic spies – in effect, Obama’s political police, who infiltrate dissident groups of whatever sort and send the information back to what are called “fusion centers,” part of the new “integrated” approach to fighting our eternal “war on terrorism” — a war that isn’t only being fought on the battlefields of Afghanistan. “

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