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Video: 11 Year Old Speaks Out at the Statehouse to Save Ohio Libraries (June 25, 2009)

A young patron of the public library in Delaware, Ohio came down to the Ohio Statehouse today to explain why she opposes proposed state budget cuts of 50% to the state’s libraries:

Hi, I’m Celie and I like my library. I just love to go down there and pick up a book. It’s just amazing what it does to you. It’s like an adventure.

Recently we got a brand new pet and we knew nothing about it. The library let us get information about it that we thought was really important. If it wasn’t for the library we probably wouldn’t even have this wonderful animal and, well, they would probably be gone because we wouldn’t have given it the right care if we hadn’t got the correct information.

So I believe we should keep the libraries. They are very, very important to have. Thank you.

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