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Ten Dollar Cure For Wrinkles!

When I saw an online advertisement for a wrinkle cure that costs just ten dollars, I was mystified at first. How could someone cure their wrinkles for just ten dollars? I can barely buy lunch for just one day for that much.

ten dollar wrinkle cureThen it occurred to me: Photoshop! As you can see in these pictures, that ten dollar cure gives you a nice tan, and gets rid of awkward-looking bangs. Sure, you can’t really tell the difference in wrinkles from the first picture to the next, but she sure looks less wrinklicious in the second picture.

But, darn it, Photoshop costs a lot more than ten dollars – even the Photoshop Elements version. Maybe if you go to a Photoshop spa, where a bunch of wrinkly people like you share the cost of the software…

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