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More Representatives Join Anti-Discrimination Bill

On Friday, I wrote about the introduction of H.R. 3017, a bill that would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. 117 members of the House of Representatives had supported the bill with their cosponsorships. Later that day, the following representatives added their support to the bill:

John Adler
Gabrielle Giffords
Rick Larsen
Michael McMahon
Brad Miller
Bill Pascrell
Robert Scott
Lynn Woolsey

One thought on “More Representatives Join Anti-Discrimination Bill”

  1. Dr. Jillian T. Weiss says:

    Thanks for writing about this. Just wanted to let you know about our Facebook Inclusive ENDA campaign. We’re maintaining a spreadsheet of House and Senate support. You can find more info at these links:

    US Reps ENDA Spreadsheet:
    US Senate ENDA Spreadsheet:

    Unconfirmed US Reps contact info:
    Unconfirmed US Senator contact info:

    Legislator August Meeting signup form: July 25 Teach-in:

    Facebook Inclusive ENDA Campaign:

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