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Obama Urges Congress To Go Soft On Polluters

Barack Obama loves giving lofty speeches about the need to confront the crisis of global climate change and pollution of the environment. On March 19 this year, Obama laid down the line on what must be done: “We can let climate change continue to go unchecked, or we can help stop it. We can let the jobs of tomorrow be created abroad, or we can create those jobs right here in America and lay the foundation for lasting prosperity.”

obama protects pollutersThis weekend, Obama moved that line, and twisted into a kind of squiggly shape with a lot of loopholes in it. Obama declared that he opposes efforts to hold foreign countries accountable when they refuse to comply with limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama used the term “protectionist” to refer to elements of the American Clean Energy and Security Act that establish tariffs against nations that continue refuse to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Well, yeah, I guess measures like this are protectionist. They protect everybody from pollution, and from climate change. They protect American workers from foreign governments that try to use dirty, dangerous old energy technologies to create an unfair trade advantage. What does Obama have against protecting us from these sorts of things?

President Obama is the one who set an absolutist, dichotomous standard for climate action. He ought to be judged by that standard. If, as Obama says, “We can let climate change continue to go unchecked, or we can help stop it,” then Obama chose to side for this weekend with the forces that want to let climate change go unchecked. If, as Obama says, “We can let the jobs of tomorrow be created abroad, or we can create those jobs right here in America,” then Obama chose this this weekend to let the jobs of tomorrow be created abroad.

By Obama’s own measure, he’s not taking the action on climate change or labor that America needs from its President.

4 thoughts on “Obama Urges Congress To Go Soft On Polluters”

  1. Maura says:

    A diverse energy supply is fundamental to our security as a nation and is a key issue for American’s today. Oppose flawed energy policies and support the use of alternative fuels by signing a petition at

    1. Inheritor says:

      Friends of the U.S. Chamber? Oh gag. Pro-industry all the way.

  2. Tom says:

    What do you expect from a corporatocracy?

  3. tracey zale says:

    Obama says “We can let climate change continue to go unchecked, or we can help stop it.”
    I question the Scientific reasoning behind the Presidents statement. Exactly why does he believe we can stop a climite/glacial cycle that has occured for billions+ years.
    The current Cap and Trade Legislation proposed and passed by the Majority will do nothing more than increase the cost of energy and increase the price of homes by requiring compliance with costly energy efficiant provisions. It basically is a tax on the American public. Without first providing affordable energy alternatives, the Cap and Trade legislation will increase the cost of our only purchaseable energy source. It will increase the costs of selling our homes by requiring outrageous expenditures on energy saving changes to our homes without any substantial tax relief to offset the cost of these expeditures. The Principle behind “Climate Change” this bill addresses is not scientifically sound. Our Government including the President, and the elected Majority appear to have lost all common sence. Their Stimulus Legislation, Mortgage Bailout, Bank Bailout, and Auto Company Bailout have proved to be a failure at a unprecedented cost to the American Citizen.
    Republican, Democrat, Independent Political Party affiliations aside, we simply can’t afford this Legislation. Somehow we must send a message to our President and Legislators that enough is enough and we will pay no more.

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